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2011 Lower Mainland Brevets
Eleventh Hour 200
November 11 (Friday), 7:00 a.m.

Ride Organizer: Tracy Barill

North Vancouver,Bean Around the World Coffee House at Carrie Cates Court
- Lonsdale Quay -

MapMyRide - from Tracy

Route Sheet
(Note: The heading says "2010" but this is the route from 2011.


Five of us – ride volunteers – completed the Eleventh Hour 200k pre-ride today with calm winds, sun and clouds – Temp 1-11 C. Great ride. We were all in good spirits at ride completion. Roads were in very good shape – most shoulders were fairly clear of debris. We modified the route to avoid bumpy Kent and mean Kerr hill. We also took out the Ambleside bike bath in lieu of the simpler Marine Drive. We moved the Diplomat bakery control to an open control in Steveston. Otherwise all’s the same. Gorgeous route with about 1600m of climbing – mostly front loaded in the first 85k. The route is an little shorter than last year and a little easier.

The ride will be supported by 7 volunteers including an appearance by our new bruised but resilient President Jeff Mudrakoff. Expect a Secret Control or two and at least two fully supported controls along the route. Barry Chase , Ed Person and I will get the riders started and receive them later.

See you Friday.


Tracy Barill
North Vancouver

(November 6, 2011)