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Photo from the volunteer pre-ride from Craig Premack

2010 Lower Mainland Spring Brevets
Pemberton 300
May 1, 6 a.m.

Ride Organizers:
Deirdre Arscott & Bob LePage

Start: North Vancouver: Harbourside Place and Fell Avenue.
North Vancouver: Boston Pizza, 1078 Marine Drive. 1.5 km from start.





G0 kms

Start Control: North Vancouver
Harbourside Place & Fell Avenue
0.0   N Fell Ave 0.4
0.4 L W 1st Street West 1.0
1.4 R N Pemberton Ave 0.1
1.5 L W Welch St 2.0
3.5 R N Bridge St 0.5
4.0 R N Taylor Way 0.3
4.3 CO N

"Continue past Marine Dr

Option: Take Marine Dr. to Horsebay otherwise continue on Taylor Way."

5.5 L W HWY-1A [HWY-99], follow signs for HWY 99 to Squamish 10.6
16.1 BR W Exit 3. Follow Bike Route. 0.6
16.7 R W Bike Path. Follow narrow, steep path up to roundabout. Go around round about 0.1
16.8 R W

"Follow signs for Hwy 99 North.

Caution: Shoulder narrows near Porteau Cove and after Brittania Beach."

60.9 R E Loggers Ln (Squamish) (Traffic Lights) 2.8
63.7 CO NW Loggers Ln (Go under Hwy) 0.3
64.0 R N Government Rd (do NOT go straight ahead) 3.4

Control 2: Brackendale
Bean Around the World on right in Eagle Run Mall
(7:59 - 10:30)
84.9 km to next control
67.4 CO N Government Rd (Brackendale) 1.1
68.5 R E Depot Rd (caution on RRX) 0.8
69.3 L N

"HWY-99 [Sea To Sky Hwy]

Caution: Watch for lumps of asphalt/sand"

151.9 L NW Pemberton Meadows Rd (Pemberton) 0.5

Control 3: Pemberton
Pony Restaurant on left
(10:29 - 16:09)
30.5 km to next control
  UT   Return to N. Vancouver 0.5
152.9 R S HWY-99 [Sea To Sky Hwy] 27.8
180.7 R W Alpine Way (Whistler). Last place for water before Brackendale. 0.1
180.8 L SE Rainbow Dr/Alta Lake Rd (Whistler). 1st left. 2.4

Control 4: Whistler
(Information Control)
At Rainbow Trail Head, answer question on control card
(11:23 - 18:11)
53.6 km to next control
183.2 CO SE Alta Lake Rd (Whistler) 6.9
190.1 R S HWY-99 45.3
235.4 R W Depot Rd (Squamish/Brackendale), careful on RRX 0.8
236.2 L S Government Rd 0.3
236.5 CO  

Control 5: Brackendale
Brackendale General Store on right
(13:01 - 21:46)
67.5 km to Finish
236.5 CO S Government Rd 4.1
240.6 L E Loggers Ln (@SS. Unmarked. Sign says Government and Government.) Follow road under Hwy 0.3
240.9 CO S Loggers Ln 2.8
243.7 L S

"HWY-99 [Sea To Sky Hwy]

Watch for sunken grates, debris and rumble strips on shoulder. "

284.2 BR S Exit "Hwy 99 South. Marine Dr via Horseshoe Bay". Follow Bike Route. 2.8
287.0 CO  

"Continue on highway

Option: Take overpass to Marine Dr. to Taylor Way"

298.9 BR SE Exit 13. Taylor Way 0.4
299.3 R S Taylor Way 1.4
300.7 L E Bridge St 0.5
301.2 L E Welch St 2.0
303.2 L N Pemberton Ave 0.7
303.9 R E Marine Dr 0.2

Finish Control: North Vancouver
Boston Pizza on left hand side
1078 Marine Drive
(15:08 - 02:00)

If you withdraw from the ride, please phone 604-340-7643 to let us know.
      Return to Start:  
0.0 CO E Marine Dr going East 0.7
0.7 R S Fell Ave 0.8
1.5     Harbourside and Fell  
Note: This is not the official route sheet. Ride organizers may make last minute changes because of road closures or other problems. The route sheet you receive at the start of the ride is the official one.

L=Left R=Right
BL=Bear Left BR=Bear Right
ST=Straight CO=Continue T=U-Turn
SS=Stop Sign RRX=Railroad Crossing

From after the ride:
Alex Pope's Garmin Connect ride/route data -

Notes from the pre-ride for spring LM300

The scenery is beautiful on this hilly (estimated 10,200 ft of climbing) route. Bring your climbing legs!

Some things to take note of:

- In West Vancouver, both outbound and inbound, riders have the choice of riding the upper levels (Hwy 1/99) or Marine Drive. The route instructions only give details for the upper levels highway.
- For those of you who haven't been past Whistler, Pemberton is 1500 ft lower. So it's mostly downhill from Whistler to the turnaround control in Pemberton but there are a few nasty little climbs in there too. The control is at the Pony Restaurant, a nice place for lunch. There is a bike shop in the same building as the restaurant.
- On the return leg, between Pemberton and Brackendale, there is no food or water available except at the Alpine Way turnoff. The route completely bypasses the main town of Whistler by taking a quiet side road around Alta Lake.

Hwy 99, both directions
- Rumble strips come and go between Horseshoe and Squamish and for a 20 km stretch south of Whistler. On the pre-ride, we found it easy to cross the rumble strips.
- Between Brackendale and Whistler, there are lumps of asphalt/sand on the shoulder at regular intervals

Hwy 99 Northbound
- Between Horseshoe Bay and Squamish, the shoulder narrows near Porteau Cove and after Britannia Beach.

Southbound on Hwy 99
- Between Squamish and Horseshoe Bay, sunken grates, debris and rumble strips on shoulder. Exercise extreme caution and go around grates.
- Around Porteau Cove, there is no line to mark the shoulder and the railway bed is immediately beside the road. There are also pylons and other construction debris to avoid.