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2009 Lower Mainland Summer Brevets
Rebel Without a Car 200
July 4, 7:30 a.m.

Ride Organizer: Kevin Bruce

Start: Britannia Community Centre
Finish: Dream Cycles, Commercial Drive

Kevin's route notes at the bottom of this page.





G0 kms

Start - Vancouver
Britannia Community Centre
0 L W Out of parking lot down alley 0.1
0.1 R N McLean 0.1
0.2 R E Adanac 3.8
4 C E Union (at Boundary Road) 0.3
4.3 L N Ingleton 0.2
4.5 R E Frances 3.1
7.6 L N Fell St 0.2
7.8 R E Hastings Street (CAUTION: sewer grate fits 700X25 wheel) 1.2
9 BL N Inlet Drive / Barnet Highway 8.6
17.6 L N/E St Johns Street / Lougheed (Hwy 7a) CAUTION: narrow bridge at 24.3 km; construction at 28.1 km 11.8
29.4 L N Old Dewdney Trunk Road (Green highway sign says, "Dewdney Trunk Road Next Left". Street sign says "Old Dewdney Trunk Road") 2.3
31.7 R S Harris Road 0.2
31.9 L E Old Dewdney Trunk Road 3.6
35.5 R S 210 Street (no choice) 0.9
36.4 L E 128 Avenue 2.8
39.2 L N 216 street 1.1
40.3 R E 132 Avenue 1.6
41.9 R S 232 Street (over bridge) 0.2
42.1 L E 132 Avenue / Fern (at roundabout) 0.5
42.6 BR S/E Fern Crescent (twisty road) 3.4
46 C N Golden Ears Parkway (park entrance) 11.5
57.3 R W follow sign to ticket booth (Sign: "All Campers Next Right") 0.5

Control #1 - Golden Ears Park
Golden Ears campground entrance
57.8 T W/S back to Park entrance 12
69.8 BL S Fern Crescent (twisty road) / 132 Ave 3.4
73.2 R N 232 Street 1.2
74.4 R W/N Silver Valley Road 1.5

Control #2
entrance to Malcolm Knapp Research Forest
End of Pavement
75.9 T S Silver Valley Road 2
77.9 L S 232 Street 1
78.9 R W 132 Ave 3.2
82.1 L S 216 Street 0.8
82.9 R W 128 Avenue 1.2
84.1 R N 210 Street (no choice) 0.8
84.9 L W 132 Ave / Old Dewdney Trunk Road 0.4
85.3 R N Neaves Road / Rannie Road (Rough road starts at 95.3 km for 3km) 12.9

Control #3 - Grant Narrows Regional Park
Riverside Grill
outhouses, great view
98.2 T S Rannie Road 9
107.2 R W McNeil 3.9
111.1 L S Harris Road 3
114.1 R W Old Dewdney Trunk Road 2.3
116.4 R W Lougheed (recommend taking paved lane on other side of barrier from motor vehicle traffic / sidewalk on bridge) 3.4
119.8 R N Coast Meridian Conn. 2.4
122.2 BR NW Apel 0.7
122.9 R E Victoria Drive 1
123.9 BL NE stay on Victoria Drive (do not go down the hill) / Quarry Road 2.5

Control #4
End of Pavement
126.4 T SW/W Quarry Road / Victoria Drive 2.4
128.8 R W Victoria Drive 1
129.8 L SW Victoria (not marked - opposite Soball)/ Apel 0.6
130.4 L S Coast Meridian 0.4
130.8 R W Lincoln 1.2
132 L S Shaughnessy 1.3
133.3 R W Lougheed 0.6
133.9 R N Jervis 0.5
134.4 L W Kitchener 0.4
134.8 R N Westwood 0.4
135.2 R E Lincoln 0.2
135.4 L N Pipeline Road (not marked at intersection) 7.3

Control # 5
End of Pavement
142.7 T S Pipeline 4.9
147.6 R W Robson 1
148.6 L S Pinetree Way (convenience store on the corner) 0.6
149.2 R W David 3.8
153 R N Forest Parkway WARNING: there are two streets named 'Forest Parkway'. Do NOT take the first (steep hill; goes nowhere). Follow the sign that points you to Buntzen Lake. It's the second 'Forest Parkway'. The next turn on Aspenwood will be only 200 meters. 0.2
153.2 L W Aspenwood / East Rd 2.7
155.9 R N Sunnyside (General Store at Entrance to Buntzen Lake Recreation Area. Watch for speed bumps.) 2.9
158.8 R N middle parking lot (there are three lots, take the second) 0.1

Control # 6
Entrance to Beach Area
Water and washrooms 50 feet ahead on gravel path
158.9 T S Sunnyside 5.5
164.4 R N Bedwell Bay Rd 1.7
166.1 S W Belcarra Regional Park entrance road / Tum-Tumay Whueton Drive / CAUTION: Watch for speed bumps on descent - Maximum speed 30 kph and they MEAN it! 4
170.1 L NE

Control # 7- Belcarra Regional Park
Parking lot / Concession Stand
170.1 T S Tum-Tumay Whueton Drive 4
174.1 S E Bedwell Bay Road 1.7
175.8 S S First Ave (not marked - just keep going down the hill) 0.7
176.5 L E Ioco Road 4.1
180.6 R S Heritage Mountain Blvd 0.3
180.9 R W Murray Street (at 109 km, water fountain at skateboard park right beside the sidewalk) 1.8
182.7 BR N Moody Street entrance ramp (not marked, but visible, follow sign that says "City Centre".) 0.3
183 R W Clarke St 1.2
184.2 R N/W Barnet Highway / Inlet Drive 8.6
192.8 R W Hastings St 0.2
193 R N Bicycle overpass (not marked but very visible) 0.3
193.3 L E Follow sign to bike route along gravel path 0.1
193.4 R S Cliff Avenue (not marked - start at the dead end turn-around) 0.3
193.7 R W Union 0.7
194.4 C NW/W Hammerskold (cross Kensington, up slight rise by high school, follow bike path through park) 0.6
195 C S on bike path parallel to Fell Street 0.1
195.1 R W Frances 3.2
198.3 L S Ingleton (follow bike route signs) 0.1
198.4 R W Union / Adanac (street name changes as you cross Boundary) 3.5
201.9 L N Victoria 0.3
202.2 R W Napier 0.3
202.5 R N Commercial 0.1

Finish - Dream Cycles
1010 Commercial Drive
Note: This is not the official route sheet. Ride organizers may make last minute changes because of road closures or other problems. The route sheet you receive at the start of the ride is the official one.

Rebel Without a Car
Kevin's notes from the Pre-Ride

We completed the pre-ride over the weekend for this coming Saturday's 'Rebel Without A Car' 200. A few notes:

The ride starts at 7:30 AM. The slightly later start is because the Britannia Community Centre won't be open at that time, but Uprising Breads on Venables opens at 7:00 and is where the nearest washrooms are located. They also have great cinnamon buns.

The start is in the parking lot of the community centre. Parking is free, and there is lots of it. Entrance is off the alley that runs parallel to Venables on the south side. Enter off Venables via Cotton or Woodland, or off Commercial Drive via the first alley on the right south of Venables. If I remember, I'll put a control sign at the corner of Venables & Cotton to make it easy to locate.

On the pre-ride we discovered a relatively new road between two of the controls that shortened the route by nearly 3 km reducing the total to 199.2 km. There will be some modification to the route sheet that's currently posted on the website.

All but two of the controls will be staffed. The controls at Quarry Road and Pipeline Road will be information controls, so please bring either a pen or a good memory.

Much of the ride goes through places where there aren't a lot of services, and not all of the controls have services at them. I will note on the route sheet where handy locations for such things can be found.

The Finish Control is at Dream Cycles on Commercial Drive, very close to the start. The reason for that is that if I'm going to hang out at a control for seven hours, I'd rather sit in a bike shop than a parking lot. Who wouldn't?

The ride itself starts along the Adanac/Union bike route, then takes the Barnet Highway out to Port Moody. A short section of the Lougheed gets you to Old Dewdney trunk road and then it's flat country roads until Golden Ears Park. The terrain in Golden Ears is somewhat rolling, but nothing terribly pain-inducing.

The first sustained climb of the day is up Silver Valley Road to the Malcolm Knapp (formerly UBC) Research Forest. The descent back down is worth the climb, and from there it's flat as a prairie pancake all the way out to Pitt Lake / Grant Narrows. The Riverside Grill will be open, and they serve the usual burgers (including a veggie burger), sandwiches, and stuff. Nothing too exotic. Nothing at all exotic, actually.

Quarry Road and Pipeline Road are a bit hilly at times, but tree-shrouded and very quiet.

Once you leave the Pipeline Road control and head over to Buntzen Lake the real fun begins. If you like hills, you'll love this part of the ride. If you don't like hills, you'll probably burn me in effigy, but I won't take it personally.

The return from Port Moody to Vancouver is a simple re-tracing of the route out.

Many thanks to the volunteers who took part in the pre-ride -- Alex, Michel, Karen, Andy, Nick, and Quinton -- each of whom you'll see at one of the controls this Saturday.

Let me know if you're planning to ride so I can get an idea of the head-count. There will be only two of us at the Start Control, so if you get a chance to fill out your waiver ahead of time and can find exactly fifteen bucks cash it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.


Additional notes from Alex Pope who was also on the pre-ride:

Great description Kevin.

I have three more comments to add:

1. At the Riverside Grill, if you order a beef burger it will be ready in a jiffy; if you order chicken or veggie, sit down while you wait... but it will taste great.

2. On Pipeline Rd, there is a crack across the road. On the way back you will be descending when you get to this. If you bunny hop it, make sure you aren't lined up with the second pothole.

3. If you happen to be changing a flat tire on Pipeline Rd, in the area of the aforementioned pothole, you may be offered assistance by a friendly lady. She will gladly throw out your old tube for you so you don't need to carry the extra weight. She has now been forewarned about the brevet and it was suggested she might want to open a lemonade stand next weekend. Let us know if you do, in fact, discover a lemonade stand here.