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2008 Mainland Brevets
Sunshine Coast 200 km
September 6, 9 a.m.

Ride Organizer: Bob Irvine

Mike's Place (268 Gower Pt Road), Gibsons

Start time is 09:00. This allows mainlanders to get to the Sunshine Coast via the 07:20 Langdale ferry, no overnight accommodations necessary. Don't bring your car across, leave it in Horseshoe Bay or better yet at home. The last ferry leaves Langdale at 8:20 p.m., ~11 hours later. So most people should be able to do the full brevet (however its best to not underestimate the challenge of this route).

Notes from Tracy Barill (who pre-rode the route on Monday, Sept 1): 2810m elevation gain. Grades often over 8 %. Tough route. (But great scenery.) The ferry for Horseshoe Bay leaves at 8:20 p.m.... you will need to finish the route in 11 hours or less.

Note: This route pdf is from previous runnings of the event - Bob has made a few changes for 2008.

200 km route sheet (pdf) (2006 route)

Thanks to Ryan Golbeck for this putting together this bikely version. (Remember - there will be some changes on the 2008 route, so be ready to adapt.)
Sunshine Coast 200 bikely.com version

Route update (Thurs, Sept 4, 2 pm): I've just been told that the bikely.com version linked above is actually very close to the 2008 route.