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2008 Lower Mainland Summer 200 km
Four Coves and a Mountain
July 5, 7 a.m.

Ride Organizer:
Tracy Barill

Start/Finish: North Vancouver - Harbourside Park
near the North Shore Automall
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G0 kms

Start Control - North Vancouver
Harbourside Park
0.0 R E Harbourside Place 0.2
0.2 R W Harbourside Drive 0.1
0.3 L N Gostick Place (becomes Copping Street) 0.3
0.6 L N Bewicke Ave 0.3
0.9 R E 2nd Street West 0.1
1.0 BR E 3rd Street West 0.5
1.5 R S Forbes Ave 0.4
1.9 BL E Esplanade 1.1
3.0 BR E Low Level Road 2.0
5.0 BR E/N Cotton Dr. (Main Street/Dollarton Highway/Deep Cove Rd) 7.6
12.6 BR E Gallant Ave 0.1
12.7 L N Panorama Drive 3.3

Control #1 - Deep Cove
SeaCove Marina Information Control
16.0 T S Panorama Drive 3.3
19.3 R W Gallant Ave 0.1
19.4 BL S/W Deep Cove Road (Dollarton Highway, Main Street) 5.9
25.3 L S Use crosswalk to cross to bike path (south side of street just before Ironworkers' Bridge) - CAUTION - cross oncoming east exit from Ironworkers Bridge at crosswalk to cycle on sidewalk on east side of bridge 1.4
26.7 L E Immediately after bridge take bike path up to Fellowes St. 0.1
26.8 R S Fellowes Street 0.6
27.4 R/L S Cambridge then immediate left on Skeena St 0.4
27.8 L E Triumph Street 1.8
29.6 R S Willington Ave 0.3
29.9 L E Hastings Street 3.2
33.1 BL E Inlet Drive / Barnet Highway 18.6
41.7 L N Clarke Street 1.2
42.9 L W Moody Street (follow around) 0.4
43.3 L N Murray Street 1.7
45.0 L W Ioco Road 0.5
45.5 L W Ioco Road 0.5
46.0 L W Sentinal Road (San Remo Drive) to Control #2 along side of road - look for the sign 0.7

Control #2 - Port Moody /Iona
at Old Orchard Park
(along road)
46.7 CO W San Remo Drive 0.1
46.8 R E Ioco Road 1.2
48.0 ST E Throgh traffic lights onto Ungless Way 0.5
48.5 L E Guildford Way 2.5
51.0 R S Westwood Street 2.3
52.3 L E Lougheed Highway #7 4.6
56.9 R W Mary Hill Bypass 7.2
64.1 L W United Boulevard 4.4
68.5 R N Braid Street 0.5
69.0 L W Brunette Ave 0.4
70.3 BL W Columbia Street E 1.3
71.6 R N McBride Blvd 0.1
71.7 L W Royal Ave 0.4
72.1 R N 1st Street 1.3
73.4 L W 7th Ave. 1.1
74.5 ST W Through Moody Park on Bike Path 0.3
74.8 ST W 7th Avenue 2.0
76.8 L S Left on bike path (at 22nd Street) over Queensborough Bridge 1.0
77.8 BR W Along bike path to Boyd Street then W (left) on Boyd 2.2
80.0 R W River Road 8.4
88.4 L S No 6 Road 0.3
88.7 R W Vulcan Way 1.8
90.5 R N No 5 Road 0.3
90.8 L W River Road 0.8
91.6 L S Shell Road 0.1
91.7 R W River Road 2.3
94.0 L S No 3 Road 0.3
94.3 R W Bridgeport Road (after bridge bear to right and take bike path to connect to Arthur Laing Bridge 1.0
95.3 R N Arthur Laing Bridge to SW Marine Drive (stay to the right with CAREFUL attention to getting into the left lane to turn left at the next light) 1.5
96.8 L S Left across Granville Street at the lights then immediate left at Milton Street 0.1
96.9 R W W 75th Avenue to Fraser River Park Control 1.0

Control #3 - Fraser River Park
97.9 T E W 75th Avenue 0.3
98.2 L N Angus Drive 0.2
98.4 L E SW Marine Drive - CAUTION Busy Road becomes NW Marine Drive 11.8
110.2 L E NW Marine Drive at Stop 5.1
115.3 L E 4th Ave N 1.2
116.5 L N Dunbar Street (Careful Left road past Alma) 0.1
116.6 R E 3rd Ave W 0.9
117.5 L N Bayswater Street 0.2
117.7 R E Point Grey Road (becomes Cornwall Ave) 1.9
119.6 BL N Burrard Street Bridge (BR onto Pacific Street at north end of bridge) 1.1
120.7 R S Hornby Street 0.2
120.9 R W Beach Ave 0.7
121.6 BL W Beach Ave (becomes Stanley Park Drive) 2.1
123.7 R E N Lagoon Drive 1.0
124.7 L N/E Stanley Park Causeway Rd then immediate right back onto Stanley Park Drive around Brockton Oval up to the exit to the Lion's Gate Bridge 5.0
129.7 L N Along sidewalk over Lion's Gate Bridge 2.0
131.7 BR N At south end of Lions' Gate Bridge just past building on right, take bike path to the right; after brief descent (20 metres) make immediate right to connect with Bridge Road under bridge. 0.3
132.0 L W Bridge Road over Capilano River 0.3
132.3 R N Taylor Way to lights 0.3
132.6 L W Marine Drive 1.2
133.8 L S 13th Ave 0.1
133.9 R W Bellevue Avenue 2.5
136.4 R N 26th Street 0.1
136.5 L S Marine Drive to Whytecliff Park 13.9

Control #4 - Whytecliff Park
150.4 T N Marine Drive to cross Upper Levels Highway 99 2.6
153.0 R E Highway 99 (Careful along the next 2 km of possible construction) to Cypress Mountain exit 7.8
160.8 L N Cypress Bowl Road to top - Control #5 at parking lot near end of the road 15.4

Control #5 - Peak of Cypress Mountain
176.2 T S Cypress Bowl Road 15.4
191.6 ST E Highway 99 2.8
194.4 BR E 15th Street Exit to South on 15th Street 0.6
195.0 L E Mathers Ave (becomes Burley Dr.) 1.8
196.8 R S Taylor Way (cross over Marine Drive) 1.1
197.9 L E Bridge Road 0.3
198.2 BR S Bridge Road 0.3
198.5 L E Welch Street 1.2
199.7 R S Garden Ave 0.1
199.8 BL E 1st Ave W 1.7
201.5 R S Fell Avenue 0.5
202.0 R W Harbourside Drive 0.1
202.1 L S Harbourside Place BL to the finish 0.1

Finish Control - North Vancouver
Harbourside Park

- Congratulations -
Note: This is not the official route sheet. Ride organizers may make last minute changes because of road closures or other problems. The route sheet you receive at the start of the ride is the official one.

The Four Coves and a Mountain 200 Km brevet begins at Harbourside Park in North Vancouver. This is located at the coast near the North Shore Automall and is easily found about 5-10 minutes by bike from Lonsdale Quay Seabus Terminal and about 15 minutes from the northern base of the Lion's Gate Bridge.

The route first goes east to Deep Cove and Seacove Marina (the first cove) then back to and over the Second Narrows Bridge to Port Moody and Ioco Road (second Cove). A tour along bike routes in Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Richmond and South Vancouver takes you to Fraser River Park (third cove). From here you make your way along SW Marine Drive to UBC, and along Jericho beach towards Stanley Park. After a quick tour of the eastern coastline of Stanley Park, head over Lion's Gate Bridge with Whytecliff park your next destination (near Horseshoe Bay - the fourth and last Cove) west along Marine Drive. After WhyteCliff park, connect with Highway 99 east to Cypress Bowl road to climb (5-7%) for 15K to the parking lot of Cypress Mountain – the last Control before the finish. The remaining 25K largely consists of an exhilarating, much deserved descent.