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2006 Lower Mainland Summer Brevet Series
Halfmoon 100 & 200 km
July 15, 9 a.m.

Ride Organizers:
Bob Irvine & David Bates

Mikes Place (268 Gower Pt Road), Gibsons

Start time is 09:00. This allows mainlanders to get to the Sunshine Coast via the 07:20 Langdale ferry, no overnight accommodations necessary. Don't bring your car across, leave it in Horseshoe Bay or better yet at home. The last ferry leaves Langdale at 21:10, ~12 hours later. So most people should be able to do the full brevet (however its best to not underestimate the challenge of this route).

Both routes are the same as last year:

100 km route sheet (pdf)

200 km route sheet (pdf)