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2005 Lower Mainland Spring Brevet Series
Cache Creek 600
June 4-5, 6 a.m.

Ride Organizers:
Bob Marsh & Patti Marsh

Start: Maple Ridge Esso
Finish: Chez Marsh - 23151 Stonehouse Estates #57

Parking: North side of Lougheed Hwy on Kanaka Way.
New Cache Creek Control Location: Husky Station in CC burnt down so we have to go up the street to the Chevron Station (A&W) that is 24 hour.
Sleep?: We have reserved two cabins at the Acacia Motel in Spences Bridge. Additional cabins can be reserved for $58.70 (based on 2 persons). Say you are with BC Randonneurs 1-800-833-7508.
Bag Drop(s): We will do a bag drop for Spences Bridge and for at our home - please bring towels for at the end if wanting a shower.

And Ken and Susan have a few cautionary words about riding the Fraser Canyon--> Jump

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(Profile by Brad Mcguire)

At km



G0 kms

START - Maple Ridge
Haney ByPass @ Hwy 7
0 R E Hwy 7 21.6
21.6 R S Hwy 11 - Mission Hwy 3
24.6 BR S Riverside Rd. (Off ramp Mission Bridge) 4.4
29 L E Township 0.5
29.5 R S Riverside Rd. 0.8
30.3 L E Claybourne Rd. 0.1
30.4 R S Hwy 11 - Mission Hwy - Gladys 5
35.4 R S Underpass - South Fraser Way 0.2
35.6 R S Hwy 11 0.5
36.1 L E Delair 2.3
38.4 R SE Old Yale 0.5
38.9 R SE North Parralel 1.3

40.2 R S Whatcom - (Over - Hwy 1) 0.2
40.4 L E South Parralel 9.2
49.6 R SE No. 3 Rd. 1.9
51.5 R W Tolmie Rd. 0.1
51.6 L S No.3 Rd. 1.1
52.7 L E Boundry Rd. 1.4
54.1 R E Keith Wilson 8.6
62.7 L N Vedder Rd. 0.9
63.6 R SE Promontory 1
64.6 L N Chilliwack River Rd. 0.9
65.5 R E Bailey Rd. 1.5
67 L N Prest Rd. 3.2
70.2 R E Praire Central 6.4
76.6 L N Annis Rd (over Hwy !) 2.5
79.1 R E Yale Rd. (go around traffic circle at Hwy 9) 5.4
84.5 Co E Yale Rd. East - Popkum 2.3
86.8 R E Yale Rd. East 0.8
87.6 R S Hwy 1 (over the overpass) 0.2
113.8 BR E Flood Hope Rd. - Exit 165 (Go over Hwy 1) 0.4
114.2 R E Flood Hope Rd. 6.5
120.7 BL N Hwy 1 14.8

Dogwood Truck Stop
135.5 L N Hwy 1 CAUTION TUNNELS 128.5
264 BR E Hwy 8 1.3
265.3 L N Over single Lane Bridge 0.3
265.6 R E Riverside Ave. 0.6
266.2 R S

CONTROL - Spences Bridge
Acacia Motel
266.2 R E Riverside Ave. 0.2
266.4 R N Hwy 1 46.9
313.3 L W

CONTROL - Cache Creek
Chevron Station - A&W (24 Hr)
313.3 R S Hwy 1 46.9
360.2 L SW Riverside Ave. 0.2
360.4 L S

CONTROL - Spences Bridge
Acacia Motel
360.4 L SW Riverside Ave. 0.6
361 L S Over Single Lane Bridge 0.3
361.3 R W Hwy 8 1.3
362.6 L S Hwy 1 (watch out poor shoulders) 128.5
491.1 R W

Dogwood Truck Stop
491.1 R S Hwy 1 11.7
502.8 BR W Hwy 7 27.8
530.6 BR W Stay on Hwy 7 2
532.6 BR W Hwy 7 1.5
534.1 L W Hwy 7 70.1
604.2 L SW Haney Bypass 0.3
604.5 R  

Note: This is not the official route sheet. Ride organizers may make last minute changes because of road closures or other problems. The route sheet you receive at the start of the ride is the official one.

& FYI - these messages about riding the canyon from Ken and Susan washed up on the discussion list in early may 2005:

Warning to all riders

--- once in the Canyon, the edges of the road are often broken and littered with rocks, ride carefully, particularly at night

--- at all times, and particularly at night, if you are riding with others please ONLY ride in a single pace line. The last time I rode the Canyon 600, I had a truck driver waiting for me at the top of a hill .... we talked and he advised me that although I was lit up like a Xmas tree, he was concerned for the safety of riders behind me who were riding side by side .... he noted that many of his fellow truck drivers were sleep-deprived and may not be alert enough to weave around clusters of cyclists

--- also, note that at night in particular, frequently 2 trucks will be side by side in both up-hill lanes. This leaves no room for a cyclist to be IN the travel lane! Same thing when the up-hill has only one lane each way; mostly the trucks behind you will swerve wide to avoid you, but if another truck is coming in the opposite direction, they have no room to maneuver, and as the truck driver said, "If it's my life versus the cyclist's, I'll choose mine!"

.... Ken

We rode the canyon up beyond Boston Bar on the Fleche. They have installed Rumble Strips from just south of Boston Bar north to near Lytton. The strips are the new format with gaps (about six feet of gap and then 12-20 feet of strips). That's the good news. The bad news is that they are installed beside barriers. Generally when this occurs the shoulder is nearly covered in gravel. We had no real trouble with them... just wanted to let people know.

Susan Allen