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Lower Mainland Summer 200 km
Maple Falls 200
July 4, 2004

Ride Organizer:
Barry Bogart

Burnaby Lake Sports Complex

Elevation Profile:

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Route Description

0.0   Leave Burnaby Lake Sports Clubhouse 0.1 km
0.1 R North on Sperling Ave 0.4 km
0.5 L West on Laurel St 0.1 km
0.6 R North on Kensington Ave 1.4 km
3.5 R South-East on Winston St 2.0 km
4.0 CO Winston St East RR! 1.8 km
5.8 CO Continue East on Government St 2.0 km
7.8 R East on HWY-7 [Lougheed Hwy] 0.4 km
8.3 R South on North Rd 0.9 km
9.1 CO Continue South on E Columbia St toward Patullo bridge 4.7 km
13.8 R Continue West/North/East on Ramp to bridge 80 m
13.9 CO Cross bridge on sidewalk, watch for debris, etc. 0.3 km
14.2 L Sidewalk ramp to Underpass Rd/124th St until traffic light 0.2 km
14.3 CO East on 110 Ave (CO through traffic light) 0.7 km
15.1 BL East on 128 St 0.4 km
15.5 R South-East on King George Hwy 4.1 km
19.6 L Turn to Fraser Hwy [HWY-1A ] East via two left-turn lanes 37.3 km
56.8 R South on Mt Lehman Rd, then immediately go left 50 m
56.9 L East on S Fraser Way 1.8 km
58.6 BR Continue South on Townline Rd [312 St] 1.1 km
59.7 L East on Marshall Rd 1.8 km
61.5 L North on Clearbrook Rd (not marked) across overpass 0.4 km
61.9 R/L East on Marshall Rd (left at stop sign) RR! 5.1 km
67.0 R South on HWY-11 [Sumas Way] RR! 4.0 km

(Enter Washington via ped entrance right of car lanes)
71.0 CO Continue South on SR-9 [Cherry St] Fill bottles here. 1.7 km
72.1 L East on W Front St 0.8 km
72.9 CO Continue East on Rock Rd 0.5 km
73.4 R South on Sumas Rd 0.8 km
74.2 L East on Hillside Rd [Hillview Rd] 1.1 km
75.3 R South-East on Bishop Rd, changes to Reese Hill Rd 0.4 km
75.7 L West UP Reese Hill Rd (change is good!) 5.8 km
81.5 R East on Kendall Rd at top (not marked) 8.0 km
89.5 L East on SR-542 [Mt Baker Hwy] 4.7 km

CONTROL #1 - Maple Falls
- convenience store -
94.2 L North on Silver Lake Rd (do NOT return to Kendall) 9.6 km
103.8 BL Silver Lake Rd North becomes S Pass Rd (at 49th parallel) 8.0 km
111.8 R North-West on Kendall Rd (do NOT cross Kendall Rd.) 1.6 km
113.4 L West on Reese Hill Rd (more fun this direction) 5.8 km
119.2 CO CO Reese Hill Rd becomes Bishop Rd 0.4 km
119.6 L West on Hillside Rd [Hillview Rd] 1.1 km
120.7 R North on Sumas Rd 0.8 km
121.5 L West on Rock Rd 0.5 km
122.0 CO Continue West on W Front St 0.8 km
122.7 R North on SR-9 [Cherry St] 1.1 km

(Enter BC via ped entrance left of car lanes - REALLY)
124.1 CO Continue North on HWY-11 [Sumas Way] RR! 1.6 km
125.4 L West on Vye Rd (no worries!) RR! 0.5 km
125.9 R North on Riverside Rd 3.2 km
129.1 BR North-West on W Railway St 1.0 km
130.1 L West on Hazel St (short hill) 0.3 km
130.5 BR West on Nelson Ave 1.7 km
132.2 R North on Gladwin Rd [328 St] RR! 5.4 km
137.6 R East on Harris Rd 1.6 km
139.2 L North on Riverside to Mission bridge 2.0 km
141.1 L North across bridge on Sidewalk 1.1 km
142.3 BR Take first exit ramp from sidewalk - avoid storm drains! 1.2 km
143.5 L North-West on Horne St 0.2 km
143.7 R North-East on Glasgow Ave (STEEP overpass) 0.2 km
143.9 L Immediate left onto Hwy 7 [1st Ave.] at light 70 m

CONTROL # 2 - Your choice
(Tim Horton's 1 block West)
144.0 CO CO HWY-7 [1st Ave in Mission] West 36.8 km
180.7 BR Take Pitt River bridge sidewalk, then bike path under spans 0.2 km
180.9 L West on HWY-7B [Mary Hill Byp] via path, Freemont, Holland. 3.5 km
184.4 CO CO HWY-7B [Mary Hill Byp] South-West 3.7 km
188.1 L South on United Blvd before Trans Canada ramp 3.3 km
191.4 R North on King Edward St 0.4 km
191.8 L West on HWY-7 [Lougheed Hwy] 8.2 km
200.0 R North on Sperling Ave 'jug handle' 0.3 km
200.3 BL CO West/South on Kensington Ave over overpass 0.9 km
201.2 L East on Laurel St (watch out for traffic here) 0.1 km
201.3 R South on Sperling Ave 0.4 km
201.7 L East to approach Burnaby Lake Sports Clubhouse 0.1 km
201.8 CO

Note: This is not the official route sheet. Ride organizers may make last minute changes because of road closures or other problems. The route sheet you receive at the start of the ride is the official one.