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Rocky Mountain 1200



2012 Rocky Mountain 1200 - Photos
July 22th -26th

Event Photographer - Photo Editor and Arranger:
Stephen Hinde

2012 Flickr Hub Page
Featuring photos from around the course from:

Sue Bernhardt, Spencer Klaassen, Mike Croy, Stephen Hinde, Darren Maclachlan,
Bob Marsh,
Dan McGuire, Michael Nagel, Keith Nichol & Paul Whaley

Stephen's Notes on using the flickr galleries

2012 Selection
Stephen Hinde has put together a gallery of his favourites

*Highly Recommended*

Photos 1 - Darren Maclachlan's photos - Valmount control [external link - google+]

Photos 2 - Spencer Klaassen's photos [external link - Picasa]

Photos 3 - Eric Larsen's photos [external link - Flickr]

2012 Moving Pictures:

Video 1 - Rocky Mountain 1200 Valemount Leg.mp4 (by tvvalemount)


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