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Rocky Mountain 1200


Start - '84 hour' group

Don's Rocky Photos
Rocky Mountain 1200 - July 24 - 28, 2002

Most of the photos on this page were taken by Don Hollingshead, the official event photographer. I have used these photos on several pages (principally here and here), but I thought it would be nice to bring them all together somewhere. This is only a fraction of the extensive collection of excellent photos that Don put together on his photo CD. And it's still available ($35 Can, $25 US). You can contact Don at


Othmar Altmann

Ali Holt leading her boys into Kamloops (Roger Holt & Ken Wright).

Michel Richard - voted by nine of eleven control captains, as the rider most likely to ask for fourth helpings.

Barb Henniger at finish. (Sean Williams, left)


(Henry Berkenbos)

Richard Koch

Danelle Laidlaw
& John Bates

Brian & Susan Leier

Gord Cook
& Manfred Kuchenmuller

Nancy & Wim Pauw

Three Miscellaneous photos 2002 photos - not Don's:

Karen Smith
& Michel Richard

Sharon & Roger Street

Don Hollingshead,
(thumb only)