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2017 Canad Day 150 Populaire
Fort Langley
July 1 (Saturday)

Ride Organizer: Andy Reimer

Ride Day Volunteers:

Deirdre Arscott, John Bates, Carole Bernhardt, Luis Bernhardt, Alida den Braber, Amanda den Braber, Ben den Braber, Rick den Braber, Will Danicek,
Colin Fingler, Gadsby, Phil Grant, Scott Grant, Malou Ignacio , Danelle Laidlaw, Bob LePage, Shaun Martens, Laura Martens, Jeff Mudrakoff, Helen Neifer,
Roy Neifer, John Oswald, Pia Petersen, Andy Reimer, Karen Smith , Michel Richard, Astrid Sanchez, Daniel Simpson, Lucy Stad , Peter Stary & Larry Wasik

Conditions: Sunny & Hot, Windy

637 Starters - 573 Finishers

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- 150 km -


Note about the 2017 results at bottom of page.

Melanie Achtemichuk Finished Domenik Adamoski Finished Ray Adensamer Finished William Agbanlog Finished Andrea Agnoloni Finished George Aliphtiras DNF Michael Allen Finished Petra Allen Finished Bruce Allison Finished Eric Amey Finished Reynold Amey Finished Wendy Amirault Finished Spiros Analytis Finished Hunter Anderson Finished Kerri Anderson DNF Rick Anderson Finished Ivan Andrews Finished Rene Appelmaus Finished Brett Armstrong Finished Thomas Arnold Finished Deirdre Arscott VP Finished Gary Asselin Finished Carol Ault Finished John Bagasbas Finished Tony Baldassarre DNF Jorge Baracaldo Finished Charlene Barach Finished Michael Barker Finished Steve Barnes Finished Gerry Baron Finished Susan Barr Finished Bill Barreiro Finished Jason Barton Finished Keith Bassingthwaighte Finished John Bates VP Finished Ted Batty DNF Brent Bauchop Finished Marc Bautista Finished Erik Bayfield Finished Sofia Bayfield Finished Andrea Beaubien Finished Michael Beaubien Finished John Beck Finished Miguel Benavides Finished Blair Benjamin Finished Roger Chad Benson Finished Ted Benson Finished Beth Bentley Finished Darin Bentley Finished Luis Bernhardt VP Finished Jim Billey Finished Nerina Black Finished Angela Bleach Finished Paul Blomerus DNF Jim Bogusz Finished Emmanuel Bondoc Finished Brett Boniface Finished Sarah Booth Finished Scott Booth Finished Stephanie Booth Finished Sheldon Boreen Finished Nima Boscarino Finished Allison Bourne Finished Gary Bouwman Finished Mike Braack Finished Tom Breese DNF Cormac Brennan Finished Darren Brereton Finished Robert Brough Finished Andrew Browne Finished Viktor Brutov Finished Steve Buckoski Finished Blake Bullock Finished Claire Burn Finished Brad Burnett Finished Rowan Burns Finished Ronan Byrne Finished Anthea Cameron Finished David Cameron Finished Carol Campbell Finished Marc Campbell Finished Mike Carlassara Finished Shaun Carpenter Finished Jennifer Carr Finished Peggy Caughill DNF Eric Cessford Finished Ben Chaddock Finished Ken Chaddock Finished Dave Chamberlain Finished Liz Chamberlain Finished Abby Chan Finished Albert Chan Finished Clarence Chan Finished Colin Chan Finished Ed Chan Finished Gary Chan Finished William Chan Finished Horacio Chaves Finished Claude Chenevert DNF Eric Cheng Finished Michelle Cheng DNF Howard Chin Finished Chris Christianson DNF Mitch Clancey DNF Juschka Clarke Finished David Clift Finished James Clift Finished Siobhan Coates DNF Philip Coldrex Finished Chris Cole Finished Cam Collins Finished Julie Compton Finished Lukas Conly Finished Claire Connolly Finished Pablo Contreras Finished Gregory Cook Finished Jay Copp Finished Reynaldo Corpuz Finished Michael Cox Finished Coby Cragg Finished Cindee Crain DNF Will Crichton Finished Peter Cripton Finished Tony Crossman Finished Chris Cullum Finished Henry Czaniecki Finished Julio Dala DNF Roger Dall'antonia Finished Will Danicek VP Finished Jeff Davidson Finished Malcolm Davidson Finished Gary Davies Finished Jeff Dawson Finished Mike De Jong Finished Robert De Rot Finished Shane Demsey Finished Marcia Denhoed Finished Greg Dennis Finished Ross Densky Finished Samuel Devlin Finished Craig Dewar Finished Colin Di Cenzo Finished Francisco Dias Finished Sarah Dobson Finished Bryce Donnelly Finished Mark Dormer Finished Jeff Driedger Finished Andrew Drinnan Finished Lea Ducharme Finished Ed Duda DNF Graham Dyble Finished David Ellery Finished Mark Ellis Finished Carol Evans Finished Glen Evans Finished Enzo Federico Finished Tiffany Fenton Finished Derek Ferguson DNF Matt Fieldwalker Finished Andrew Finch Finished David Finch Finished Nicholas Finch Finished Glenn Fisher DNF Daniel Fleming Finished Andrew Fletcher Finished Aren Fletcher Finished Robert Flipse Finished Natalie Foley Finished John Foord Finished Darrell Fox Finished Gordon Francis Finished Keith Fraser Finished John Fryer Finished Roger Fuchs Finished Greg Funk Finished Gabriel Gagnon Finished Rob Gander Finished Manuel Garzitto Finished Rob Gaudet Finished Gary Gee Finished Brian Geerts Finished Lora Genaille Finished David George Finished Peter Gibson Finished Mike Gilderson Finished Jordan Girman Finished Rene Gloanec Finished Corinna Goodman Finished Gillian Gorton Finished Thomas Gougch Finished Colin Gray Finished Meagan Green Finished Kathy Greenberg Finished David Greig Finished Kathy Grieve Finished Julian Griggs Finished Matt Groll Finished Victor Groot Finished Mark Gryski DNF Adrian Hagan DNF Ernesto Halili Finished Cameron Halkier Finished Mike Hamfelt DNF Ken Hamilton Finished Reid Hamilton Finished Stuart Hamilton Finished Andrew (Li Yong) Han Finished Sang Muk Han Finished Ying Han DNF Nick Hanni Finished Steve Harms Finished Gord Harris Finished Leigh Harris Finished Kevin Hay Finished Art Hazell Finished Daniel Heath Finished Kim Heath Finished Dave Heinrichs Finished Drew Hemmingson Finished Roberto Henao Finished Harry Henderson Finished Stephen Henderson Finished Frank Hershman Finished Mike Hewat Finished Marc Hewitt Finished Desmond Ho Finished Eric Ho Finished Dave Hobbs Finished Susan Hobbs Finished John Hodge Finished Andrew Hof Finished Matthew Hoffman Finished Dean Hooseman Finished Martin Hosking DNF Tony Howard Finished Sergio Hsia Finished Dorothy Huang Finished Emmanuel Huchet Finished Paul Hughes Finished Tammy Huguet Finished Charlie Hunter Finished Malou Ignacio Sweep Finished Carsten Ivany Finished Dave Iverson Finished David Jackson Finished Tom Jackson-Taylor Finished Benno Jaeger Finished Gordon Jang Finished Joel Jansen Finished Stephanie Jansen Finished Erv Janzen Finished Brian Jeffery Finished Al Jenkins Finished Matt Jenkins Finished Ken Jessen Finished Peter Jesson Finished Licerio Jimenez Finished Ken Johnson Finished Luke Johnson Finished Ian Johnston DNF Kim Johnston Finished Roy Johnston Finished Brandon Jones Finished Phil Jones Finished Steph K Finished Sagal-Maria Kahin Finished Maggie Kan Finished James Kanders Finished Scott Karsen Finished Martin Kastelein Finished Lisz Keallen DNF Rick Kearney DNF Galen Kehler Finished Clayton Keithley Finished Caroline Kenning Finished Wiley Khou Finished Hongsun Kim Finished Jeff Kim Finished Junghee Kim Finished Scott Kirby Finished Anne Kirkland Finished Cheryl Klement DNF Iain Knapton Finished Robert Knight Finished Seungbeom Ko Finished Peter Kobzar Finished Stewart Kolenda Finished David Kong Finished Gordon Krahn Finished Monika Kriedemann Finished Anton Kurniawan Finished Barry Kwok Finished David Lach Finished Christopher Lai Finished Danelle Laidlaw VP Finished Mike Laing DNF Marco Lam Finished Crystal Lambert Finished David Langley Finished Nathalie Laroche DNF Chantal Lauzon Finished Randall Allan Law Finished Bill Lealess Finished Calvin Lee Finished Eleanor Lee Finished Matt Lee Finished Max Lee-Chan Finished William Lefkovics Finished Marcelo Legaspi Finished Joel Lemaire Finished Cheryl Leskiw Finished Wayne Leslie Finished Arthur Leung Finished Jonathan Leung Finished Nick Levens Finished Sergey Levitsky Finished Chuck Lew Finished David Lew DNF Stuart Lew Finished Brian Lewis Finished Erin Lewyk Finished Jacqui Lilley DNF Soo Lim Finished Kyonghee Lim-Gatehouse Finished Mary Liner Finished Peter Liu Finished Phil Liu Finished Paul Lively Finished Mark Lohr Finished Jeffrey Loo Finished Gary Loosemore Finished Corbin Lowe Finished Anita Luk Finished Paul Lutman Finished David Lyall Finished Murray Lyons Finished Clement Ma Finished Ian Macculloch Finished Sandy Macdonald Finished Kirsten Macelwain Finished Margo MacTaggart Finished R Macwhirter Finished Jose Madeira Finished Lee Madruga Finished Chris Magee Finished Ken Magsico DNF Pat Malavi Finished Dennis Malkin Finished Ian Malnis Finished Daniel Mang Finished Randy Mangalindan Finished Chris Manore Finished Charles Manty Finished George Markopoulos Finished Jim Marshall Finished Claude Martin Finished Bronwyn Masson Finished Ted Matson Finished Ron Matthews Finished Catherine Maurer Finished Jeff May Finished Nathalie May Finished Roy Mcbeth Finished Ian McCabe Finished Lindsay McCaffrey Finished Hugh Mccall Finished Sarah Mcconnell Finished Troy Mcculloch Finished Dan McGinn Finished Darren Mchattie Finished Andrew Mcindoe Finished Jennifer Mcindoe Finished Andrew Mcintosh Finished David Mckee Finished Stephanie Mckeown Finished Ashley Mckerrow Finished Jamie Mckerrow Finished Dan Mclachlan Finished Paul Mclachlan Finished Bob McLaren Finished Bruce McLean Finished Alison Mcmanus Finished Robert Mcmurtry Finished Bill Mcnaughton Finished Colin Mcneilly DNF Christopher Mcpherson Finished Scott Mcrae Finished David Meikle Finished Kristen Meindertsma Finished P.l. Meindertsma Finished Julia Menzies Finished Tom Merenyi Finished Steve Michon Finished Gary Mitchell Finished Nigel Mitchell Finished Paul Moerman Finished Barb Morris Finished Ciana Morrison Finished Dr Scott Morrison Finished Paula Morrison Finished Jeff Mudrakoff VP Finished Joseph Munez Finished Helena Munro Finished Brent Mussato Finished Roy Neifer VP Finished Bill Nelson Finished Mike Neugebauer Finished Denys Ng Finished Nicholas Ng DNF Paul Nicholas Finished David Nicholson Finished Drew Nicholson Finished Teresa Nicolson Finished Karin Niesczeri Finished Jerome Nirsimloo Finished Christine Niven Finished Ken Niven Finished Alexander Northey Finished Christopher O'connor DNF Dave O'mahony Finished Devlin O'Neil DNF Russel Ogden Finished Fred Olarte Finished Mark Oldenburg Finished Ervin Ong Finished Chris Oram Finished Sheldon Orr Finished John Oswald Sweep Finished Kyle Oxborough Finished John Pajunen Finished Mike Palichuk Finished Siegfried Palme Finished Sam Paras Finished Greg Parent Finished Jason Park Finished Dan Parke Finished Joell Parks Finished David Partridge Finished Sara Patterson DNF Christopher Pavsek Finished Jacek Pawlowski Finished Michel Pelletier Finished Pedro Penelte Eloute Finished Les Pereira Finished Reesa Pereira Finished Magali Perreault Finished Ray Perreault Finished Ed Person Finished Adrian Pettyfer Finished Patrick Phang Finished Thomas Pickett Finished Mark Pinckard Finished Simon Piniel Finished Derek Ponsford DNF Neil Pope Finished Sunny Pranjivan Finished Franck Prat DNF Craig Premack Finished Doug Pringle Finished Karl Probost Finished Christophe Prud'homme Finished Jade Quach Finished Mikhail Rabinkov Finished Maria Radic Finished Robert Ralfs Finished Katherine Ramsay Finished Patrick Ramsden Finished Dave Randall Finished Andrew Rapier Finished Michelle Reaume Finished Shane Reaume Finished Rita Reeve Finished Chris Reid Finished Yena Reid Finished Valencia Remple DNF Greg Renwick Finished Michel Richard VP Finished Matthew Richardson Finished John Rideout Finished Ron Rillorta Finished Dave Robar Finished Eleanor Roberts Finished Glyn Roberts Finished Gord Robertson Finished Lynn Robertson DNF Duncan Robinson Finished Jason Rogalski Finished Wilf Rogers Finished Zachary Rohland Finished Jocelynn Rooke Finished Adam Rootham Finished Tara Rosenberg Finished Allan Ross Finished Andrew Ross Finished Daniel Rossi Finished Kelly Rowson Finished Mike Ruhland Finished Andrew Rurak Finished Thomas Ryall Finished Marnie Ryan Finished Michael Ryan DNF Soroosh Sabet Finished Josh Saffold Finished Muhammed Salem Finished Lisa Salloum Finished Lloyd Sandwidth Finished John Sangalang Finished Tony Santos Finished Dave Sawatzky Finished Larry Sawrenko Finished Pek Schalle Finished Thomas Schellenberg Finished Darryl Schives DNF Brian Schmidt Finished Martyn Schmoll Finished Marc Schouten Finished Mike Scott Finished John Seckel Finished Darko Separovic Finished Jay Shapra Finished Randy Shaw DNF Rob Sherry Finished Cathy Shevchuk Finished John Shevchuk Finished Gunter Siegmund Finished Andrew Siemens Finished Walter Siemens DNF Tom Skinner Finished Damian Skoczyk Finished Glenn Slade Finished Tony Sloane Finished Derek Slykerman Finished Rob Smaer Finished Brad Smith Finished Daniel Smith Finished Guy Smith Finished Ken Smith Finished Linda Smith Finished Peter Smith Finished Karen Smith VP Finished Jordan So Finished Kasun Somaratne Finished Sally Spires Finished Nathan Spratt Finished Alan St Pierre Finished Mitch Statton DNF Duncan Steele Finished Paul Steiner Finished Bruce Stenning Finished Ken Stephens Finished Peter Stevenson Finished Keith Stoner Finished Lynn Strange DNF Graham Street DNF Art Stuivenberg Finished Kevin Suen DNF Michaelangelo Sumaling Finished Nicola Swain Finished Tyrone Tairu Finished Joseph Tam Finished Morgan Taylor Finished Robert Taylor Finished Stephanie Taylor Finished Warren Taylor Finished Aerance Teo Finished Geoffrey Thiessen Finished John Thomas Finished Jeff Thulin Finished Konrad Tittler Finished Konrad M Tittler DNF Connor Toppings Finished Tina Tory DNF Doug Towill Finished Raymond Toy Finished Pavel Trebon Finished Bruce Trites Finished Penny Trites Finished Amy Tucker Finished Andrew Tuovinen Finished Joanne Turnbull Finished Sarah Ugolini Finished Joseph Ujfalusi DNF Bess Underhill DNF Maddy Underhill DNF Dave Usher Finished Henning Uslar Finished Joe Valerio DNF Richard Van Straaten Finished Rob Van Zanten Finished Joel Vandermarel Finished Chris Vecchies Finished Phill Vermette Finished Don Verran Finished Cheryl Vickers Finished Michael Vipond Finished Max Waibler Finished Cindy Walker DNF Thomas Wan Finished Michellle Wardle DNF Larry Wasik VP Finished Kevin Watt Finished Kelly Weal Finished Michelle Weber Finished Russell Wentworth Finished Daniel Wessell Finished Paul Wicki Finished Shane Wiens Finished Joshua Williams Finished Michael Williams Finished Steve Williams Finished Robin Wilson Finished Jeremy Woensdregt Finished David Wong Finished Will Wong DNF Cynthia Wood Finished Duncan Wood DNF Monty Wood Finished Mona Woodfine Finished Nick Woodfine Finished Yu-Hsiung Wu DNF Andrew Wylie DNF Adam Xiao Finished Pamela Yan Finished Christopher Yee Finished Carlton Yee Ping DNF Brian Yim DNF Tae Il Yoon Finished Bill Young Finished Gary Young DNF Natalie Young Finished Harold Yuen Finished Markus Zamiri Finished Thomas Zanden Finished Jeff Zarin DNF Julie Zoney Finished Kevin Zucht Finished Jeff Zweig Finished

573 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
FX = Fixed gear bicycle
RE = Recumbent
TA = Tandem
VM = Velomobile

Note about the 2017 time results: There were some serious irregularities with many of the 2017 times. The club has decided that the times can't be considered in any way official. Sorry about this. Some rider's times are accurate, and you might want to check them, so here are the bootleg copies of those unofficial lists: 2017 Time Ordered - 2017 Alphabetically Ordered.