2015 Results
BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

2015 Lower Mainland Spring Brevet Series

Lower Mainland Brevet Coordinators:
Chris Cullum

200 km
Ride Organizer(s):
Manfred Kuchenmuller

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300 km
"Ryder Hatzic Hill"
Ride Organizer(s):
Chris Cullum

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400 km
"Hell's Gate"
Ride Organizer(s):
Jeff Mudrakoff

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600 km
"Whidbey Wanderer"
Ride Organizer(s):
Dave King
Nigel Press

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Ride-Day Volunteers:
Bob Koen
Alard Malek

Ride-Day Volunteers:
John Oswald
Malou Ignacio
Deirdre Arscott
Bob LePage
Carol Hinde
Will Danicek
Robert Unger

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Chris Cullum
Carol Hinde

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Carol Hinde
Craig Premack
Deirdre Arscott
Jaime Guzman
Bob LePage


Clear skies and a high of 20C (on ride day).

Hot and sunny. Headwind going west.

Nice day. Great scenery and ocean views. Quiet roads. A few hills.

Nigel Press7:17
Steven Clark8:21
Michael McIntosh8:21
Daniel Simpson8:21
Anna Bonga8:27
Eric Fergusson8:27
Colin Fingler8:27
Mike Hagen8:27
Jeff Mudrakoff8:27
Rick den Braber8:39
Susan Allen8:43
Susan Barr8:43
Bill Maurer8:43
Keith Nichol8:43
Ross Nichol8:43
Trish Plante8:43
Andrew Hartline9:17
Brian Pearce9:17
Barry Chase9:20
Will Danicek9:20
Darren Inouye9:20
Jodi Caddick10:29
Phil Hall10:29
Ron Himschoot10:29
Bob Koen VP10:30
Manfred Kuchenmuller VP10:30
Alard Malek VP10:30
Richard Blair10:40
Carlo Ceolaro10:40
Dave Robar11:19
Cynthia Wood11:19
Henry Hulbert11:42
Jill Matheson11:42
Ronald Stewart11:42

34 Finishers

Mike Hagen12:04
Daniel Simpson12:04
Ed Person13:42
Adrian Bell14:07
Susan Barr14:29
Jacques Bilinski14:29
Colin Fingler14:29
Jeff Mudrakoff14:29
Ross Nichol14:29
Laith Furatian15:07
Bill Maurer15:22
Dug Andrusiek15:49
Susan Allen15:52
Bob Koen15:52
Kenneth Holmes16:06
Jodi Caddick16:46
Carlo Ceolaro16:46
Feng Chen16:46
Phil Hall16:46
Malcolm McAuley16:46
Theo Wyne16:46
Manfred Kuchenmuller17:40
Alard Malek17:40
Deirdre Arscott VP18:02
Will Danicek VP18:02
Bob LePage VP18:02
Chris Cullum VP18:26
Malou Ignacio VP TA18:26
John Oswald VP TA18:26
Stephen Hinde19:37
Ronald Stewart19:37

31 Finishers

Nigel Press13:13
Mike Hagen14:44
Craig Premack14:44
Daniel Simpson14:44
Keith Fraser15:00
Paul van Wersch RE16:29
Malou Ignacio TA16:30
John Oswald TA16:30
Luis Bernhardt FX16:50
Bill Maurer18:19
Will Danicek18:54
Theo Wyne18:54
Dug Andrusiek19:06
Jacques Bilinski19:06
Bob Koen19:06
Roy Neifer19:06
Colin Fingler19:10
Ross Nichol19:10
Chris Cullum VP19:40
Jeff Mudrakoff VP19:40
Manfred Kuchenmuller22:01
Malcolm McAuley22:01
Brian Pearce22:17
Stephen Hinde24:53
Ronald Stewart24:53
Adrian BellDNF

25 Finishers

Keith Fraser26:20
Mike Hagen26:20
Malou Ignacio TA29:16
John Oswald TA29:16
Chris Cullum30:15
Dave King VP33:55
Nigel Press VP33:55
Ed Person34:23
Cheryl Lynch35:23
Jacques Bilinski35:53
Colin Fingler35:53
Bill Maurer35:53
Theo Wyne36:06
Dug Andrusiek36:41
Gary Baker36:41
Eric Fergusson36:41
Jeff Mudrakoff36:41
Rick den Braber36:41
Will Danicek37:16
Ron Himschoot39:32
Bob Koen39:32
Manfred Kuchenmuller39:32
Malcolm McAuley39:32
Stephen HindeDNF
Ronald StewartDNF

23 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
* Unofficial result
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandems
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear