2013 Results

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


2013 Vancouver Island Spring Brevet Series

Vancouver Island Brevet Coordinator:
Mike Croy


200 km
"Somewhat Familiar"
April 6
Ride Organizer:
Lorraine Nygaard

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& New Randonneurs

300 km
"The Hills Are Alive"
April 20
Ride Organizer:
Jim Runkel

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400 km
"Highway to Hell"
May 11
Ride Organizers:
Brynne & Mike Croy

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600 km
"Ukee Pokey"
May 25
Ride Organizers:
Carol & Stephen Hinde

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(Part of 2013 Eau de Hell Week)

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Mark Ford
Luke Galley
Carol Hinde
Stephen Hinde
Craig Lylack
Dave Macmurchie
Ted Weick

  Ride-Day Volunteers:
Graham Fishlock
Melissa Haynes
Philip Lennox
Steve Mahovlic
  Ride-Day Volunteers:
Steven Croy

John McGillivray
Kristy Lee Mighton
Sam Stallard

  Ride-Day Volunteers:
Brynne Croy
Mike Croy
Steven Croy
Carol Hinde

Drizzle becoming sunny.
Cool. Sun with showers mid day. Winds.
Rain late in the day.
Morning showers on Saturday including over the hill to Port Alberni. Clearing with some sun. Full Moon over night. Sunday becoming showery in late morning. Southery winds (headwinds) in afternoon.
Craig Lylack VP 8:10 Gord Litster 9:28 Nigini Oliveira 9:28 Rob Bernhardt 9:45 Dewain Emrich 10:01 John Thomson 10:01 Roxanne Stedman 10:01 Mark Ford VP 10:11 Cheryl Lynch 10:15 Nigel Press 10:15 David Campbell 11:14 Melissa Haynes 11:14 Denise McGowan 11:14 Fred Rockwell 12:06 Rob Scrimgeour 12:06 Stephen Hinde VP 13:00 Lorraine Nygaard VP 13:00 Eric Guillenot DNF Ed Janicki DNF Carol Hinde VP DNF Dave Macmurchie VP DNF Ted Weick VP DNF 17 Finishers
Craig Lylack 12:33 Dan Bodden 12:56 Michael Croy 14:41 Malou Ignacio TA 14:41 John Oswald TA 14:41 Eric Guillemont 15:16 Roy Neifer 16:10 Roxanne Stedman 16:10 Bob Koen 17:32 Graham Fishlock VP 18:20 Philip Lennox VP 18:20 Steve Mahovlic VP 18:20 Jim Runkel VP 18:20 Fred Rockwell 19:40 14 Finishers
Dan Bodden 15:27 Ed Person 15:47 Craig Lylack 15:51 Ken Bonner 17:25 Eric Guillemot 19:56 Rick den Braber 19:56 Cynthia Wood 25:38 Dave Robar 25:38 Brynne Croy TA VP DNF Mike Croy TA VP DNF 7 Finishers
Eric Fergusson 29:21 Yutaka Moriwaki 30:10 Ken Bonner 31:22 Will Danicek 32:54 Henk Boubuyzen 33:24 David King 36:15 David Robertson 36:15 Eric Guillemot 36:45 Alex Pope DNF 8 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandem
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear