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2011 Time Results

Lower Mainland Peace Region Southern Interior Vancouver Island

Spring Brevet Series
Summer Brevet Series
Summer Make-up Brevets

Early Bird 200
Pacific Populaire
Flèche Pacifique
Canada Day 144 Populaire
White Rock Hell Week
Fall Flatlander 200
Eleventh Hour 200

Peace Region Brevets
Spring Brevet Series
Summer Make-up Brevets

Eau de Hell Week
Spring Brevet Series
Summer Make-up Brevets

New Years Day Populaire
Victoria Populaire
Nanaimo Populaire
Nanaimo Summer 200
Fall IsleLander 200

2011 Ultra Distance Brevets

2011 Permanents Results

2011 Out-of-Province Brevets

2011 New Randonneurs

2011 Riders' Totals List

2011 Result Details Sorted By Rider

The ride results listed on these pages are ordered by finishing times. They look like race results. It must be emphasised that randonneur events are not races - the first rider home is not the winner, and there are no losers, including those who tried to finish, but could not.

Nevertheless, results lists ordered by time are more interesting to browse and more informative - they are better event portraits. Click here for a closer examination of this issue.
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