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Harold, Larry, and Wayne...ready for 02

Victoria New Year's Day Populaire
January 1, 2002
Ride Organizer: Mike Poplawski

Overcast, then rain, then overcast. Windy along the Strait near the finish.

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Time Results:

Ken Bonner        Victoria       4h 20m
James Holtz       Victoria       4h 20m
Ged McLean        Victoria       4h 20m
Mike Poplawski    Victoria       4h 22m
Rob Fraser        Victoria       4h 39m
Michael Ball      Victoria       4h 42m
Ken Wong          Victoria       5h 05m
Lorne McLash      Victoria       5h 09m
John Bates        Burnaby        5h 38m (tandem)
Danelle Laidlaw   Burnaby        5h 38m (tandem)
Harold Bridge*    Port Coquitlam 5h 52m
Douglas Anderson  Victoria       5h 56m
Mike Iverson      Victoria       5h 56m
Wayne Harrington  Coquitlam      6h 21m
Larry Voth        Langley        6h 21m
Frances Caton     Burnaby        6h 38m
Derek Shackleford Burnaby        6h 38m
Howard Cooper     Victoria         DNF
John Lee          Victoria         DNF
Kevin Jardine     Victoria         DNF
Dave Henry        Victoria         DNF

21 starters, 17 finishers

*disqualified for not riding correct route

Photo top: Don Munro