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Cheryl's Stats Corner

From time to time database coordinator Cheryl Lynch circulates interesting club stats.


Brevet Distance to May 27
Posted May 29, 2011

Message from Cheryl: "Includes non-BC, Fleche, Trace and recent 400s."



Update, June 3: Thanks to Ryan Golbeck's ongoing work on the database project it is now possible to show you the whole list of riders' brevet distances.
2011 Brevet Distances
[Through May 28 - Link to online BC Randonneurs database]


Dist. [top 20 rider distances,through May 27]

6500  Ken Bonner
3370  Jeff Mudrakoff
2785  Eric Fergusson
2504  Roger Holt
2470  Keith Patterson
2400  Jim Runkel
2360  Keith Nichol
2200  Barry Chase
2200  Guido Van Duyn
2100  Philip Lennox
2085  Dug Andrusiek
1900  Ryan Golbeck
1900  Chris Cullum
1885  Gary Sparks
1860  Deirdre Arscott
1860  Bob Koen
1805  Susan Allen
1800  Ian Fillinger
1800  Nigel Press
1615  Ron Himschoot

* Note that Henk Bouhuyzen's brevet totals (Ontario rider, but BC member) are not
reflected on this list. Typically we catch up with his big distances later.