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Who Is Included in the 'Stats Summary Table' Figures?


Table Definition : The figures in the Stats Summary table include all brevets and flèches (and traces) ridden in BC. It also includes all brevets and flèches/traces ridden outside BC by BC Randonneurs. Excluded from the table are distances ridden outside BC by riders who live outside BC for whom BC Randonneurs is not their primary club. The exception is distance ridden outside BC by Ron Himschoot from Seattle. All Ron's distance is included becasue he has ridden 20,000 km in BC brevets and is therefore considered a life-time BC resident.
Note that for the purposes of the Hathaway/Iron Butt Award, all distance ridden by riders form outside of BC who have completed a series in BC (200, 300, 400 & 600km) is included in their personal totals, though their distance is not reflected in the club stats table.
BC permanents are not recognized by ACP/RM so are not included in the brevet distribution by distance or in the yearly club distance total. There is a separate column for permanent distance.

The Out-of-Province Rides Variable: Other than the well-documented PBP completions, very few brevets ridden outside of BC by BC Randonneurs before 2001 have been included in the club records, and the ones included in the Stats Summary table are there only because I know about them. (i.e. they're not all in the club database reports.) If you know of someone who has done a brevet outside BC (and the rider meets the criteria of a bona fide BC Randonneur) and you would like to see their ride reflected in the clubs records, please contact me with the details. Thanks... Eric Fergusson . There is a separate page in this section listing all the known Out-of-Province Brevets and Flèches.

An Omission: John Hathaway did six Audax UK brevets totalling 2100 km. (We know this because he left his pins to Harold Bridge, and there were six AUK pins.) Since we don't know the year(s) of these rides, the figures are not reflected in the Stats Summary table.