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Permanent 192 - Duffy Lake Loop
614.9 km


June, 2019: Barry Monaghan designed this route. Here is his RideWithGPS map, etc.


• Low gears are recommended. The climb up to Cayoosh Summit east of Pemberton is rated as Canada’s 3rd toughest. Starts at about km 192 from North Burnaby. About 13 km to summit.
• No services between Squamish and Whistler, Whistler and Pemberton, Pemberton and Lillooet, except Mt. Currie, Lillooet and Lytton. Lytton may have little to nothing open if you arrive after hours so plan accordingly, and very little between Lytton and Hope depending on your timing. Pack lots of liquids and extra supplies just in case.
• Consider your likely average speed when choosing your start time so that you’re more likely to arrive at control points when stores are open.
• Check for road closures or forest fire notices before departing.
• Have an emergency plan in case you need to abandon.
• Inform the permanents coordinator that you have finished.
• Be sure of your fitness before riding, this one is a beast!
• And yes HAVE FUN!