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Permanent 142 - Seven Bridges Road
202 km


Septemeber 2016: Mike Hagen designed this route.

July 2017: Mike Hagen has some notes about alternate routing:

Alternate Routing:
For those who prefer quieter streets, an alternate route for Hastings is to head south two blocks from Hastings and Gamma and go west on the Frances-Union bikeway (R on Frances, L on Ingleton, R on Union, CO to Adanac at Boundary. On the return, avoid Hastings by going R at Cliff and Inlet (at the light), immediate L to access the pedestrian overpass, L and R off the overpass to access the laneway south of Hastings, L on Duncan, R on Union. CO to Hammarskjold at Kensington, L on bikepath between soccer and softball fields, and CO through parking lot onto Frances.

To avoid Nanaimo and 41st by taking bikeways, proceed on Adanac to Lakewood. L on Lakewood, R on 8th, L on Commercial, cross Broadway, R on 10th, L on Windsor, R on 45th, then L on Cambie.

To avoid Cambie and Marine Dr, either go L at Ontario, R at 59th, L on Heather, then R on Marine Dr to pick up the course, or CO 45th, L at Tisdall, R at 49th, and pickup the Heather bikeway.

An alternate routing between the Alex Fraser Bridge and River Road is to go right (N) on Nordel at km 57.8, right (E) on River Road, left (N) at West Mill Access Rd to go under the SFPR, left (W) onto the bike path and CO River Road back onto the route. This avoids the need to cross two lanes of right-turning traffic at the 91 Connector and SFPR intersection.