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Permanent 32 - Peninsula 300


December 2, 2008: Comments, Ken Bonner:
I experienced pea-soup fog for the 1st 7 hours, then a gradual clearing and by 1:00 pm, sunny skies. I nearly ended up in the ditch a couple of times when I was riding a road without a centre or fog lines.

December 11, 2008: Comments, Ken Bonner:
Finished another one!
Peninsula 300k, Permanent 32, has 10,000 feet/3050 metres of total elevation gain
Today was similar to Monday, cool ( 2C) until about 9 am, then for a brief time when the sun came out, it went to 11C. The sun filtering through the trees and shining on the placid lake in the Highlands was very pretty (when I took the time to look … that stretch of the about 35k has approximately 2300 feet of climbing on nice smooth pavement … it is part of the EdH 300, the VanIsle 1200 and the Tsunami 300.
The wind appeared to come from all directions. Often, on the Peninsula, when this happens, it seems like a tail-wind from all directions. Today was not one of those days!
Looks like it might not be good cycling weather for a few days … time for recovery, training runs and house chores … in that order (but don’t tell Margot!)

February 28, 2014: David Campbell's ride report: Peninsula 300 (Newsletter) (2 images)