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Permanent 29 - Cultus, Crescent 200


November 2008: Comments, Gary Baker:
I rode this beast yesterday. Much tougher than I would have anticipated.
Several hills slowed me to less than 5kph in a 26/32 gear. Now that's steep. Then there were the winds. The last 80km took me 6 1/2 hrs including one stretch across the Sumas Prairie of 4.7km that took over 30minutes.

October 2009: Comments, Rick Den Braber:
I completed this route on October 24, 2009. The time was 11h 11m and the distance was 201.2 . Unlike Gary Baker's write-up calling it a beast because of the wind etc., my day was perfect. No wind! even on Sumas Prarie, about 11 degrees, some sun and some cloud but no rain! Awesome day - saw about 8 or 9 Great Blue Heron's in Chwk Abbotsford. For some reason when I ride all alone I go a little slower. Had a few miscues on the route so I did a few extra kms perhaps that is where the extra time came from. I had hoped to do it around 10 hrs plus. Oh well.