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Permanent 26 - Bean Brothers
200.3 km

Bob Koen submitted this route in fall 2008. It was a slight reworking of the lower mainland spring 200 from 2008, the "Flying Beaver" 200. Bob moved the start from the Flying Beaver Bar & Grill on Sea Island to Bean Brothers Café in Kerrisdale. Like many lower mainland routes, this one suffered from the road turmoil which came with the South Fraser Perimeter Road construction. Now there is a decent way through North Surrey/Delta. My 2019 revision also makes use of other opportunities to fine tune. The major change is that it now uses the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail out of Tsawwassen, so use your fat tire bike.

The sister route for this one is Permanent #74 the "Happy Elephant" 200, which covers the same territory, but predominately uses roads. [Eric Fergusson, April 2019]


Here is Eric Fergusson's 2019 ridewithGPS map, etc.


November 2008: Eric's report.

November 2009: Gary's report.