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Canadians at PBP - Notes


Notes to the Canadian PBP Results Pages:

The results data that had been in this section for many years was taken from the plaquettes (the post-event booklets) supplemented by numerous corrections that riders sent in over the years. This input from Canadian riders was helpful to Alain Collongues who took on the mammoth task of correcting the master results file for Audax Club Parisien, the organization that runs PBP. Following the completion of this work Alain passed along his Excel file for all Canadian PBP participants 1979 through PBP 2011. Alan had age information for all riders. You will notice that the age information gets thinner with time. Results include some non-citizens who live in Canada. [Eric F]

HD = hors délais - finished route outside the time cut off
AB = abandonné - abandoned
NP = non partant - not departing or did not start
NH = non homologation - did not qualify (disqualified?)

VE = Road Bike
TM = Mixed Tandem
TH = Men's Tandem
VS = Special Bike
VT = Mt. Bike?