PBP Stories -1999

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An Introduction to Gerry Pareja's PBP Information Archive

Following PBP 1999 Gerry Pareja (a BC Randonneur founder) assembled an archive of stories and reflections about the '99 event. Most of the writings are taking from postings on an e-mail discussion list (randon@cycling.org) [Gerry has noted that the randon discussion list has moved to: http://www.topica.com/lists/randon/ (web arch)] In addition to PBP stories Gerry has archived discussion threads - casual exchanges exploring a variety of PBP related issues in the air at the time - which many will find interesting. Gerry's 23 folder zipped archive can be accessed from his info page:

Paris-Brest-Paris Randonnée - Gerry Pareja's Information Archive
(go to the last selection on the page... "Click here to download PBP99.ZIP (article archive)"

Some of the stories found in this archive have been posted elsewhere on the internet by the authors, or by their clubs and organizations. Links to these are already on the BC Randonneurs PBP links page. Other stories, often imbedded in the email threads, were new to me. I have extracted some of these - the ones that seemed most like self standing stories - and I have reproduced them here. Bear in mind that many of these were casual e-mail messages between friends and perhaps not regarded by the authors as polished writings. I have done no editing. The bracketed words and phrases below are my descriptions. [Eric Fergusson - October 2003]

I'm not sure why I didn't simply list these accounts on the main PBP stories page. I've done this now, but will also leave them here so we can tell at a glance which 1999 stories came from this source. [Eric Fergusson - April 2006]

(the Dickson affair) by Richard Boettner
(sleep deprivation) by David Bundrick
PBP memories by Chuck Bramwell
PBP 99 by Ed Felker (plus bonus story: "lantern rouge'')
Paris-Brest by Ian Hennessey
PBP 99 by Peter Mathews
Paris-Brest-Paris 1999: What a cosmopolitan suffering for 72h18m and Hansi's true french experience by Hans Mixdorf
Loss of Virginity by Peter F. Neumann
PBP 1999 by Bengt Sandborgh
DNFing... some reasons for by Patrick Shea
(impressions list) by Mark Tharp
Downhill to Brest by Yvonne van den Hork