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Profile 2003: Outgoing & Coming Back:


Source: Siegfried (siggi) Rühling's Tourprofilen page [Gone - sorry]. There are [were] other profiles on the same page.


Profile 1999: Outgoing (to Carhaix-Plougue ~700km):

Source: Reinhard Schröder's "Randonneur - Homepage: Informationen für Langstreckenradfahrer und Ultra-Ausdauersportler..." It's on a page called  "Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneurs", where you will also find some results information from 1999 and 2003 [link] [Gone - sorry]. Note that the profile stops at the Carhaix-Plougue control (on the way back). Presumably this is because (with the 'Brest loop' behind us) the remainder of the course back from Carhaix is the same as the route out. Note also that Carhaix-Plougue is actually at 685 km, not at 710 km as indicated on the profile - so bear in mind that the scale might be slightly off here.


(And Just for fun...)
Profile 1983: Outgoing, in 2 parts:


Source: The 1983 PBP booklet, page 73. The heading is: "DENIVELE DE P.B.P. REALISE PAR MONTILLET (A.S. GRAVE VICHY)"