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Paris Brest Paris - audax (1976)
Booklet by Union des Audax Français
(published November 1976 - 40 pages)

Going back to 1931, there have been two distinct Paris Brest Paris events (not counting the "pro race" PBP in 1931, 1948 and 1951): the randonneur PBP organized by Audax Club Parisien, which since 1971 has been held every four years, and the audax PBP organized by Union des Audax Francais held every five years. This booklet is from "the other PBP" - the audax event. For more info on the audax PBP why not check out paragraph nine of Bill Bryant's A SHORT HISTORY OF PARIS-BREST-PARIS [go], on the RUSA web site.

The 1976 audax PBP is significant for us because one our four co-founders, John Hathaway (1925-1997), rode the event, and this was the spark that led to the creation of the entity now called BC Randonneurs. In fact these photos are from the copy of the booklet that belonged to John Hathaway.

To add to the confusion about there being two (or is it three?) different PBPs, there were in fact two separate audax PBPs in 1976 - one in June, and the other in September. The booklet contains reports, photos and finishers lists from both events. There is also an Audax PBP history with eight additional photos. And finally, on the last page of the booklet there is a statistical summary table which I have reproduced on a separate page:
Audax PBP Participation Summary Table .

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Le Brevet de Juin:


Le Brevet de Septembre:



Histoire de Paris-Brest-Paris Audax:






Photos: Pierre Chaplin, Marc Verger, Actualiti
és Mondial photo, archives Fréchot et Déon, Guy Bossière.