PBP Plaquettes

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Paris Brest Paris - 1975 (#8)
Plaquette by Audax Club Parisien
(24 pages - 12 photos)

In 1975 the interval between the randonneur PBPs moved from five years to four. Participation more than doubled, making this PBP bigger that 1951 and the biggest to date. Thanks to Alain Collongues for sending scans of the entire 1975 plaquette in 2011. Thanks also to Jean Pierre Gagneur who in 2006 sent scans of the 1975 cover and other photos that occupied this page for several years. [Eric F - February 2011]

PBP '75 - Vital Statistics:

Participants (Starters): 667
Women Finishers:
17 (3 %)
Attrition Rate:
16.2 %
1st Solo Man:
Yves Cohen, Herman Demunck & Robert Truchi (43:27)
1st Solo Woman:
Suzy De Carvailho (57:02) 45th overall
1st Tandem:
Jacques Jouffrey / Isabelle Dequatre (51:32) 25th overall
1st Mixed Tandem:
Jacques Jouffrey / Isabelle Dequatre (51:32) 25th overall

A selection of Photos from the 1975 Plaquette (photo enlargements)
can be found in the PBP Photos Section elsewhere on this site.

The 1975 Plaquette:
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