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Paris Brest Paris - 1966 (#6)
Audax Club Parisien Bulletin, October ? 1961
(? pages)

Well, this is the one that got away... Alain Collongues, who provided the ACP Bulletins from 1931-1956, does not have the 1966 Bulletin. As close as he can get to an official coverage is the long article written by Robert Lepertel, who would become PBP's organizer in 1971, in the November and December issues of "Cyclotourisme". Linked below. If anyone has the 1966 ACP Bulletin with the coverage of PBP 1966, I'd be thrilled to have a copy, and I bet Alain would too.
[Eric F. - February 2011]

PBP '66 - Vital Statistics:

Participants (Starters): 172
Women Finishers:
3 (2.2 %)
Attrition Rate:
20 %
1st Solo Men:
Maurice MACAUDIÈRE & Robert DEMILLY (44:21) - 1st overall
1st Tandem:
Roger & Marie-Thérèse MARTIN - 44th overall
1st Mixed Tandem:
Roger & Marie-Thérèse MARTIN - 44th overall
1st Solo Woman:
Suzanne PINAULT (89:10) - 130th overall



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Paris-Brest-Paris 66
Vu par un Controleur Volant
par Robert LEPERTEL