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Paris Brest Paris - Moving Pictures - History, etc.
Links to online sources. Material is not year specific. Plus an Audax PBP sampling.

Understanding PBP - PBP History etc:

The sights of Paris Brest Paris (PBP historical tour of Paris) by Damon Peacock (4:26) [YouTube]

Histoire Paris Brest Paris (featuring Alain Boulaire) by maBretagneTV (3:02) [YouTube]


Paris Brest Paris a travers les époques by louison 69 (03:41) [dailymotion]----------> multi-year? before 2011

Are Randonnees like the Tour de France? by Damon Peacock (3:21) [YouTube]

Paris Brest Paris 2015 by Damon Peacock (4:22) [YouTube]--------> not about PBP 2015

PBP What's New by Damon Peacock (14:03) [YouTube] --------->Mainly LEL

PBP Jennifer Wise by Damon Peacock (4:40) [YouTube]
PBP Jennifer Wise 2 by Damon Peacock (3:00) [YouTube]



Paris-Brest-Paris Audax 2011 : le film ! jplp1959 (Jean-Pierre LE PORT)(4:59) [YouTube]
PARIS BREST PARIS Audax 2011 visite la Bretagne jplp1959 (Jean-Pierre LE PORT)(3:59) [YouTube]

PBPAUDAX2011 (pre-2011 route info - film from 2006) by PAT2794 (3:07) [YouTube]