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Paris-Brest-Paris: 1999 Yearbook
a collection of PBP Stories and Information

Published by Randonneurs USA
Edited by Jennifer Wise and the RUSA Editorial Review Board
82 pages
Available to RUSA members following PBP '99

Some of the material is available on line, mainly in the RUSA on line newsletter archives - links below.

Many thanks to Bill Bryant for sending this to me. [Eric F. - March 2006]


A Short History of Paris-Brest-Paris by Bill Bryant
PBP Procedures by Johnny Bertrand
5 1999 PBP Route from ACP
Five Reasons to Take the PBP 84h Start by Charles Lamb
The Upside of the PBP 90h Start by Johnny Bertrand
9 PBP 1999 Controle Open/Close Times from ACP
10 Actual Split Times for a 53-Hr PBP Finish by Brad Tanner
PBP Advice by Scott Dickson
Providing Support at PBP by Jennifer Wise
15 PBP Without Support by Henry Kingman
17 Actual Split Times for 67-Hour PBP Finish by Chuck Bramwell
18 A View of PBP from the ER by Pete Dusel
20 The Spectacle of PBP by Dave Leonard
23 PBP Without A Bike by Chris Pile
25 Excellent PBP Adventure by Don & Phyllis Hamilton
28 The Biker and the Baker by Bob Barday
29 The Divine Smiths by Tom Zaharis
A Small World Experience by Kent Peterson (on-line version is a little different)
35 Actual Split Times for an 89-Hour Finish by Holly Elmore
36 Three Short PBP Stories by David Nakai
37 Dining in the French Countryside by Thomas Cross
38 Actual Split times for a 78-Hour PBP Finish
39 Best Laid Plans Michael Lau
40 How Far is Too Far? by Sherry Reed
43 Pick pockets, Bad Gas & Little Boys by Rick Anderson
Things to Bring to PBP by Jennifer Wise
46 Peaks and Valleys by Jennifer Wise
Hell "Bent" for Paris by Peter Marshall
Certainly, This Was Heaven by Chuck Bramwell
Two For The Road by Adrian Harris
63 Actual Split Times From The Record-Setting 49-Hr PBP Finish by Jodi Groesbeck
It's Not Over, 'Til It's Over... by Bill Bryant
Refluxion on PBP '99 by Ed Pavelka
At The Front... by Scott Dickson
Crewing for Scott Dickson by Marsha Dickson
71   Paris-Brest-Paris 1999 Awards from ACP
72 Setting A PBP PR by John Hughes
American PBP 1999 Results from ACP
What's Going On Here? Les Randonnées Abandonnées by Bill Bryant
79 A Closer Look at the Florida Brevet Riders & PBP by Jim Solancik
La Premiere Feminine by Melinda Lyon
PBP 1999 Statistics from ACP
Analysis of PBP DNF Rates by Bill Bryant