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Articles from LE CYCLE's
Coverage of the Centenary PBP - 1991
various authors

From LE CYCLE No. 182, October, 1991, pages 41-55

There are 15 distinct articles of varying lengths (a few of them just tid-bits) reproduced here. Most have been given their own web pages. You can cycle through the whole set - begin by clicking the first thumbnail image - or use the menu to help you go directly to a particular item.



1. Photo Collage
2. Race report - view from the front
"La chevauchée américaine"
3. Audax participation in PBP 1991
4. Fixed gear guy - Claude Calvaing
"le roi du pignon fixe"
5. Première femme - Nicole Chabirand
6. Precision planning by Breton riders
"La minutie des Lamballais"
"Les vélos des vainqueurs" - 7a: Dickson / 7b: Hearst
8. The 2 week long youth pre-ride PBP
"Les jeunes cyclos fêtent le centenaire"
9. The victor - Scott Dickson
"Le Vainqueur - Dickson toujours deux fois"
10. First-to-Brest guy - Roland Bernabei
"pour la gagne à Brest, en 19h 02 !"
11. En route rule enforcement / The sleep question
12. 2 heros: 12a: Jean-Michel Richefort & 12b: André Tignon
"Les héros du Cycle"
13. Bikes, equipement
"Le Paris-Brest de la technique"
14. Corinne Morin's PBP
- Story of a PBP first-timer "Paris-Brest : Pari réussi"


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