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2019 Pacific Populaire
100 km Route Instructions

100 Km ride leaves at 9 a.m sharp.
Similar route to 2018 - but there are changes...
2019 sheet sheet below is final. Route notes at bottom of page from ride organizer Will, including a ridewithGPS map.

L=Turn Left      BL=Bear Left
R=Turn Right      BR=Bear Right
CO=Continue On
T=Turn Around

Message from ride organizer Will to 2019 100 km route riders (April 4, 2019):

Hi all,

What an awesome day today (Thursday) is, but there looks to be a system coming to make a somewhat soggy mess of our weekend bicycle ride. The ride goes on, but we do have a small change in the route towards Steveston. The turn controle will not be at Woodwards Landing this year due to ongoing construction and a road closure. This year we've moved the controle to London Landing, so a little longer first half .

The quick notes, you'll now turn right at Williams Rd (km 57.1) BEFORE you cross Steveston Hwy, then left onto Gilbert Rd to Dyke Rd that will steer you to the controle. There will be signs near the gravel boat launch where I want you to cross the road and cycle the final bit to the controle on that gravel path, off the road. Please be aware, and kind, to any pedestrians on Sunday morning.

After getting your card stamped and a few snacks & hydration you will exit the controle up the concrete multi-use path to join No2 Rd at London Rd. There will be signs to direct you.

The altered route can be downloaded from https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29512836

The new controle has gravel and wood decking, DO NOT ride your bicycle on the wood, it can be very slippery when wet.

A last note, we will need to have everyone sign a paper copy of the same waiver you agreed to when you registered. Each participant must sign their own waiver. After you've done that you'll be able to pick-up your controle card package. Our club volunteers will be working hard to get everyone thru the new process starting at 7:30am, please allow us to get everything set up before that.

Let's all hope the weather forecast is off the mark and Sunday clears for a great 2019 Pacific Populaire.

Will Danicek Ride Organizer












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