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BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Book (and magazine, and movie) suggestions from a discussion list exchange in November 2004:
4 suggestions by Ed Person, October 2012


Bicycle Love: Stories of Passion, Joy and Sweat Suggested by Mike Poplawski

The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt (Published by Avocet)

The Cyclist by Viken Berberian (terrorism and cycling from an inside perspective) Suggested by Ken Bonner

French Revolutions by Tim Moore (a humorous pre-ride of a Tour de France) Suggested by Ken Bonner

Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle by Dervla Murphy (a chronicles of travels through a variety of adversities) Suggested by Gerry Pareja and Ed Person

Great Rides by Procycling Magazine (Lots of climbs and one day rides all over the world) Suggested by Scott Gater

Half Wheel Hell (A second compilation of Maynard Hershon's columns) Suggested by Tom Hocking

In Pursuit of Stardom by Tony Hewson (Group of young British cyclists that head over to the continent to hit the big time) Suggested by Ed Person

Lonely Planet cycling guides (For touring in places such as France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand...) Suggested by Scott Gater

The Long-Distance Cycling Handbook - second edition by Simon Doughty, Suggested by Mike Poplawski

Merckx Half Man, Half Bike by William Fotheringham Suggested by Ed Person

Need for the Bike by Paul Fournel (It deals a lot with the emotions that we put into our cycling and the pleasures that we get from it.) Suggested by "orangecomo" ??

A Ride in the Neon Sun - A Gaijin in Japan by Josie Dew (Insight into the Japanese culture from an outsider's perspective) Suggested by Murray Drew (through Ken Bonner) [Also by Josie Dew: The Wind In My Wheels, Travels in a Strange State, and The Sun in my Eyes] Tom Hocking also recommended Josie Dew's books on touringThe Ride to

Modernity: The Bicycle in Canada 1869-1900 by Glen Norcliffe, Suggested by Wim Kok

The Rider by Tim Krabbe, Suggested by Cheryl Lynch, Ken Bonner, and Wim Kok

A Rough Ride by Paul Kimmage (A good view of what it is like to be a domestique) Suggested by Danelle Laidlaw

Round Ireland in Low Gear by Eric Newby (Novice cyclists tour Ireland in the off season - 'Funny, revealing and thoroughly enjoyable.') Suggested by Gerry Pareja

Tomorrow We Ride by Jean Bobet (The brother of Louison Bobet tells of some of his experiences and perspectives on racing in the peloton) Suggested by Ed Person


Cycling Weekly (The oldest - 1891 - and best of the cycling mags) Suggested by Harold Bridge

A special issue ProCycling magazine just put out... (A 292 page magazine which covers 45 great rides which have been featured in ProCycling over the last 5 years) Suggested by Mike Poplawski


Touching the Void (A movie about mountain climbing) Suggested by Michel Richard

The Triplets of Belleville (An animated movie about cycling, and other things) Suggested by Michel Richard

You Never Ride Alone (A documentary about the Critical Mass ride and cycling culture in Vancouver.) Web site. Suggested by Michel Richard


Also, online road mag: roadbikerider.com/