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VanIsle 1200
Recap & Video
Ride Dates: June 20-24, 2024
by Stephanie Briggs

v1200 recap - thank you everyone for making this adventure happen!!! The organization was amazing from start to end!!!

Headed off to British Columbia June 20-24 with Nelson Snyder to complete a 1200km Brevet in 4 days: Up and Down Vancouver Island. This adventure was not without mechanical issues with about 2 flats per day, GPS navigation bonuses, rain and wind - but we made it in a total of about 82 hours. Amazing memories to last a lifetime!!!

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Total Stats
Climbing Elevation: 10,320m
Moving Time: 42:35
Avg Speed: 28.5
Avg Power: 151w

We got to see elk - a black bear - countless water front views - totem poles just about everywhere - and lots a highway LOL -

Until next time! Thank you once again to all the riders and volunteers who helped us during the 4 days!


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July 2, 2024