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Dave King and Yutaka faced rain on the first morning
Photos: Yutaka
More Photos Here (Google Photos)
Gold Rush Trail
Lower Mainland Spring 1000
Ride Dates: May 18-22
by Yutaka Moriwaki

This wasn't intended to be a newsletter submission. Yutaka was just filling me in on what happened on the 1000. There were also some great photos and video clips.

As for the Gold Rush, our plan was to stay at Hat Creek on the first day, but due to the cold rain in the morning and the headwind, we were on pace to arrive in Lillooet around 10 pm and stay there, so Dave and Douglas decided to skip the second day. I still had some energy left, so I departed around 4 am on the second day and returned to Lillooet at midnight.

Yutaka and Douglas Qi en route



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June 5, 2024