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Photo: Doug Ausman

Mike McIntosh Bike Restored
Back on Esplanade on April 28, 2024
by Eric Fergusson

In February North Shore/Lonsdale super citizen Doug Ausman observed that the Mike McIntosh "ghost bike" on Esplanade had reached an advanced state of disrepair. He scanned the QR code on the dedication plate on the bike and found some mention of BC Randonneurs. He contacted our Pres. Dug Andrusiek and said in frank terms that the bike had become an eye sore and would likely be removed as trash if something wasn't done. Photo above.

An interesting point offered by Ausman was that the bike had received gentle handling during the construction of the reimagined bike and pedestrian infrastructure along Esplanade where Mike had lost his life five years ago. We've learned also that credit should go to the City of N. Vancouver’s Bylaw Enforcement Department. The memorial bike technically does not conform to City bylaws, and the City would have been within the law to remove the bike and to ticket those who placed it on Esplanade. So the Bylaw Enforcement Department should be credited for showing patience and compassion in not taking action. There was a sense that the bike was important, but would need some serious attention if it was going to remain.

... after, at Quick Stand
Photo: Dave Somerford

We knew that the creative work of assembling the ghost bike had been done at Kickstand Community Bike Shop in East Van where Mike had been a volunteer. Pres. Dug reached out. Ali Henderson at Quickstand got back to Dug and then passed the file along to fellow volunteer Dave Somerford. Dave took on the challenge of restoring the bike, with significant contributions from Thomas King and Hubert Leung. In the process we also learned that the origial creator of the ghost bike was Ari Ng.

A few months later the bike is once again a thing of beauty and back nestled amongst the foliage in the gardens running along Esplanade above Lonsdale Quay.

...after, back on Esplanade
Photo: Dave Somerford


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May 5, 2024