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Lost & Found
Permanent #238: "Cultus Lake - Langley Loop", 200 km
Ride Date: December 20, 2023
by Gary Baker

There was some drama... I mount my 'phone' to the handlebar to use as both a GPS and the be able to access it quickly should I get a call. Riding in an area i know, the truth is I rarely look at or ever get calls. I was at about the 60km point climbing up the gentle grade on ) Ave between 264 St and 216 St. when I looked down....NO PHONE, NO PHONE MOUNT....*SHIT!!!!!! *I had no idea when it had fallen off the bike. It is an expensive phone, as much as I realized the chances of finding it, let a lone intact was slim, I turned around riding all the way back to 264 St looking for it. NOTHING. I debating calling it a day, going home but decide to ride back up the hill for one more visual sweep. I almost didn't see it ( at about the 57km point), it was leaning against the edge of the pavement, in one piece!!! I had to hustle to make the control time for the next control. In all I did a bounce of 15 km. I did obviously retraced the route from 264 St back up to where I noticed the missing phone, I trust that doesn't constitute a violation of the rules....😉.

I had no rain or winds. Karen did her ride on Thursday. It rained most of the morning.


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December 27, 2023