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Dry Day Desperado  
Permanent Brevet #154
Ride Date: October 19, 2021
by Mike Hagen

Such a nice day. Oddly, the wind was from the southeast. Some strange head/tail winds. Couldn't quite figure it out. Lots of pumpkins. One field looked like a field of white pumpkins, but when I got closer I saw they were snow geese

The young lady gatekeeper at the Reifel Sanctuary wouldn't let me in without a reservation. "But," she said, "You can go to the Alasken refuge." "Yes," I said, "I will do that!" It turns out there's a new toilet facility there. It"s pretty spiffy. Hey: a spiffy biffy! 

The Boundary Bay Dyke Trail has been resurfaced. It's a bit loose. Not very fast. Oh well. 

I have several Desperado brevet cards left over from 2017. I figure I might as well use them, so I revised one for today. I also rode from home to the start (and back again). It's 14 km and about 45 minutes each way.


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October 22, 2021