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Sunshine V.2 400 Route Notes
Lower Mainland Summer 400
Ride Dates: August 6-16, 2020
by Dave King

Start Points – In addition to the Vancouver start, there will be controls allowing for starts in Maple Ridge and Mission.

Controls – all are info controls. We used existing stickers or signs for all but 2, which we used our own stickers for. Guess which ones are ours.

Routefinding – Burns Drive, paralleling Highway 99 in Delta (after Ladner Trunk Road and by the Landfill and Highway 17) can be a little challenging, especially if you have never ridden it, and will do so in the dark. You want to maintain parallel with Highway 99. There are a few pictures to help you, but remember, it might be darker than it shows in the pictures.

1st clue on Burns Drive – km 363.4

Next clue on Burns Drive – if you go straight you go to the landfill

3rd and final clue on Burns Drive- this is immediately after coming out of underpass

Food - food is available in many places. A great variety of gas stations. Many fast food establishments. A few larger grocery stores in Mission, Hope, Chilliwack.

Things to watch out for….

Noise – if you are riding on the weekend, there may be a bit more ‘vacationer’ traffic. You are on highway for a good chunk of time and if you have earplugs, it will help to minimize the noise.

Road debris – of varying types….wood, metal, plastic, glass. We saw it all on the preride. If you are so inclined, and in need, there was a crowbar on the highway east of Maple Ridge. I thought of picking it up, but we still had 350km to go, and it was hard to figure out how to strap it on.

Things of (questionable) interest

There were groups of people hanging out on 0 Avenue, chatting, on opposite sides of the border. They were socially distant. There were also 3 American customs officials vehicles, doing their part to keep their country safe. I think it was because many people are thinking “hey, I would like to be south of the 49th right now, given all that is happening”.

Of all the trucks with 4 wheel quads you see driving around, I think they are all going to Sunshine Valley. Seems like a good way to get from the camping area to the store, which is all the way across the street.

We did see a few owls after dark. This was interesting actually, no question.


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August 3, 2020