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Crazy Bit of Climbing
Summit Finish 2 Cypress, LM Summer 200
Ride date: July 13, 2019
by Jaime Guzman

Well, That Was a Crazy Bit of Climbing!

As advertised, with the Sea to Sky, Deep Cove, Demonstration Forest and Cypress Mountain together, the “Cypress Summit” brevet was beautiful and demanding. It was great to see many good friends at the Crema café on a fresh Saturday morning and hear their preparations and goals for the PBP this August, I was so jealous.

Things started well, with a measured “aerobic” pace with Deirdre, Mike and Jacques all the way to Squamish, but after the espresso in Squamish I went over my head in the way back (and off course, paid for it later). On the plus side, the Sea to Sky on a sunny day was astounding!

Luke, Jacques and I formed a good riding group for the rest of the ride and Theo joined us after Deep Cove. By the time we faced the Dempsey mini-climb legs were feeling heavy, but we managed to find our way thru the Cleveland Dam and the British properties. Then it was every man on his own for the final climb and Jacques aced it!

I heard at the finish that Nigel made the ride in 7 hours and change, unbelievable!

But, of course we all know he is in a league of his own and comparing times with mere mortals is not fair. I was really proud of doing the ride under 11 hours.

By the time everything was said and done it was a challenging, beautiful 260 Km ride for me, and my body felt it loud and clear the day after.

Enjoy the Ride. Never Quit.

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July 15, 2019