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BC Riders at London Edinburgh London
LEL 1400 km, Ride Dates: July 30-August 4, 2017
by Editor [EF]

Seven BC riders are participating in London Edinburgh London this time around. The ride is held every four year. The rider limit was 1500 rides this time, and it appears to be sold out. The list below has the riders' idenification numbers. Here is the link to the LEL rider tracking.

Luis Bernhardt     DD35  Finished
Ken Bonner          A45
Mark Ford           Q51     
Bob Goodison        P34  Finished
Étienne Hossack     F19  Finished
Meyrick Jones      HH12
Michael Tilitzky    P30

(Note: Following the ride I added the "Finished" to the three BC finishers. Go to the 2017 LEL Finishers List.)


June 29, 2017