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Mabel in the Middle
Southern Interior Fall 200
Ride date: September 10, 2016
by Bob Goodison

It's always good to finish up the season on a positive note, and it doesn't get much more positive than the Mabel in the Middle Interior Fall 200. I was excited about the route when I first plotted it on Ridewithgps, and even more so after a recon ride. Only 25 total kms of highway linking scenic rural roads, some of which had never been used on a brevet. When doing the mapping ride, I rode right past Schoolhouse Rd, while looking for it and knowing it was there. The week before the ride, I pedaled out with a home made sign (magic marker on coroplast), and attached it with zip strips. It was still there on ride day and no one reported any navigational errors. Comparing the route sheet to my GPS, I decided that this was the best job I've done in making an accurate route sheet. The weather cooperated too. The day was a mix of overcast and sunshine, and if anyone had any rain, they didn't complain to me about it. Wind was minimal, although the bit of headwind we did get (maybe 20 km worth?), hit just about the time my legs gave up. Elevation gain for the route is a mystery, as everyone seemed to get different readings, ranging from 1358 m (my reading) to over 1600 (Peter's). Some hills were steepish at about 9%, but none were long.

The posted start time was at 07:00, but when that time rolled around, no one was quite ready to leave, or in a hurry to do so. Most of us rolled out by 7:10, except Peter Nickerson and Fred Menu, who had not yet arrived. Fortunately Susan waited at the start, and when they arrived at about 7:15, they were able to register and take off. They finished just under an hour after Paul and I, having achieved an identical average speed. Jacquetta Benard completed her first brevet since 1994, riding into the finish with Trevor Taylor with lots of time to spare. She is, to my knowledge, our first ever Kelowna rider. Hopefully, she won't wait another 22 years before her next brevet. Deirdre was able to coax Bob Boonstra out on the tandem, despite the fact that this 200 would give him a total of 300 km for the year. No problem for Bob. I've seen him finish a 200 with far less than that (0km). Mike Eder and Connie VanderRee made the trip from Jasper, and Mike was able to get his 200 km to finish off his Super Randonneur series, although most people don't do it in that order. Paul Van Wersch made the trip inland from Garden Bay. He still has yet to learn that recumbents are supposed to be slow on climbs. Many thank to Paul for pulling me in when my legs gave up at 170 km.

Often, while working at a control, a curious person will wander over to ask what kind of event is going on, so when a man walked over from a very large motorhome while we waited for finishers in the DeMilles Market parking lot, I wasn't surprised. Not until he said he knew all about Randonneuring, and introduced himself- not by name, but as RUSA # 65, from the Davis Bike Club- and had a custom Hampsten Titanium rando bike in his rig. Unfortunately, he can no longer do long rides due to physical issues.

Everyone finished, and everyone went home happy- no Dnf's in the Interior this year. A perfect end to a perfect season. See you next year.

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September 11, 2016