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Tour DeMilles 200
Ride Date: April 23, 2016
by Bob Goodison

Despite unfavourable weather forecasts, the 2016 Tour DeMilles was an organizer's dream event. We had an excellent turnout of 16 riders- the best in many years. This is even more remarkable as there were no riders from other regions. It was great to see so many new and old (sorry, familiar) faces, and there were no DNF's. I had been watching the forecasts all week, as the P.O.P. changed daily, ranging from 0% to 70%, ending up at 30% on the day of the ride. The bad news is, I didn't get to test my new rain jacket. The good news is, I didn't get to test my new rain jacket. Most of us felt a few drops on our faces, but that was it. I even managed a little sunburn. The wind was another story, especially around Falkland, but that is to be expected, and it was never from the same direction long enough to get (too) tired of it.

First time randonneur Wayne Little was the first rider in with an impressive time of 6:55, followed by Don Cundiff, Ryan Kurz, and Peter Mair at 7:18. It was Ryan's second time on a bike this year. Guess who we're going to make do all the pulling at the Fleche? It was great to see Peter out again. It's Peter I have to thank (blame?) for getting me into this silly sport many years ago. He's still a rocket when he wants to be.

I heard no complaints about the route, even from the group who missed a turn and put on some bonus distance up the biggest, steepest hill in the Armstrong area, but then, my hearing isn't what it once was. We had to make a small route change within sight of the finish- the Salmon River had risen to the point of flooding the gravel path to the parking lot, forcing us back onto the highway for last 200 metres. I feel a little sorry for the faster riders, who went home early and missed the post-ride feast at the Barley Station brewpub. A big thank you to DeMilles Market for the use of their parking lot and washrooms. Hope to see you all at the 300.


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April 24, 2016