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PBP Information Night
by Mike Croy

The folks of Vancouver Island would like to invite you to an informational meeting about the upcoming Paris-Brest-Paris being held on August 16th and Randonnering in general. This PBP will be the 18th edition and participation continues to grow every time it is held. We will discuss some topics such as where the ride begins, route, controls and many other topics that should be of interest to those thinking of participating in the event.

There will also be a video presentation of a the last PBP from 2011 which will also hopefully also excite people by seeing how fun and challenging this ride can be.

After the video presentation there will be a question and answer period in which we will discuss any topics people are interested in regarding PBP and Randonneruing in general. We also have some highly experienced Randonneurs who have completed PBP in attendance and will be able to give some good insight into how to ride PBP as well as your questions.
We will have a few Rando bikes on display so you can have a chance to see what kind of bike is used to ride long distances.

Here is the important information that you will need.

When: February 11th, 2015
Where: Pearkes Rec. Center (The Lam Room)
Time: 7pm - 8:30
Cost: FREE!
Who: Anyone interested in PBP and Randonneuring.

I am also working on some door prizes for the evening so that participants won't leave empty handed.

There will also be a chance to sign up as a member for those wishing to and there will also be some informative hand outs and brochures available throughout the night.

Hopefully you will join us for an evening for fun and information, we look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Mike Croy
Vancouver island route coordinator.

January 13, 2015