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Ride the Wack Pack
September 19, 20
by Gary Baker

The Wack Pack is a series of three 200km brevets, two based from Chilliwack and the third the classic Fall Flatlander starting in Ft. Langley. This is you opportunity to get some mileage the easy way 200km per day with lots of time to socialize and sleep. The Chilliwack rides will start in the Garrison Crossing/Sardis Area. One of the rides called the Chilly Hills will explore some of the hills in the general area ( not Ryder Lake). The total elevation gain will be in the 2000m range. The other route ( as yet unnamed) will be a flatty. The Flatlander will follow for the most part its traditional route.

To keep costs down we hope to billet as many riders as possible. Sheryl and I have room for 3-4 (shared bed, floor mats/mattresses) and there is room for a tent or two on our deck ( we don't have a yard big enough to fit a tent). Karen and Michel may have space as well, likely more than we do. Motels that weekend are already very booked ( there is a major sport event in town) but the Vedder River Inn ( 100m from the start area) has rooms available and will provide riders with a group discount. Their number is 800 591 0181. Ask for Lori, the Manager and say you are with the Randonneuring Club if you want to book a room there. One of the joys we experienced at the Kamloops Six Pack last year was having the time after each ride to get together for a happy hour and a group dinner. The plan is to do the same. There are several pubs and eateries in the Garrison Crossing area and Beethoven's Pizza in Cultus Lake. We plan to have the PONY activated , with route information the week before the rides. If you would like additional information before then, or are interested in being billeted, please contact me at or 604-858-4928.



August 22, 2014