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2014 Triple 'S' 200 Organizer's Report
Ride date: June 14, 2014
by Gary Baker

The weather was anything but inviting so to see 16 riders at the start was very gratifying. The riders set off in a heavy mist ( It’s called soft rain in Ireland) that fogs up glasses and penetrates to the skin faster than our usual west coast stuff. Throughout the day, riders encountered prolonged dry periods and other periods of intense heavy rain. The cloud cover was low all day, obliterating all the great views from the heights of Sumas Mtn. The temperatures hovered in the low to mid teens. This is a tough route that was made worse by the weather. Sadly, three of our newest riders DNF. One succumbed to the wet and cold, and another fell victim to the wet, slick railway tracks that cross 96th Ave. just west of Ft. Langley. Thankfully she was not hurt. At this point, she and her riding companion decided to return home. This has been the sight of numerous crashes on past club brevets and events. This RRX can be dangerous at any speed in any conditions ( wet or dry). I’d strongly recommend that the club no longer use this road from the Walnut Grove area ( 200/208St) to Ft. Langley. The alternative route of Allard Crescent ( flatter, more scenic, slightly longer) or 88th Ave ( hillier, slightly longer) are much safer alternatives to 96th Ave. I have already redone this route to follow Allard Crescent around this section of 96th Ave. Last year we had to make several last minute route alterations due to summer construction projects. This year we decided to return to as much of the original route as possible. These changes produced a few unforeseen route and control card issues. At the finish, all the riders were asked for their feedback and suggestions as to what could be changed, improved, etc.

We had lots of positive comments about the 8AM start, both from urban riders who chose to ride to the start and suburbanites who drove. Riders appreciated the section of the route that took them over seldom used roads or new terrain. Most found the route vertically challenging. Several commented on the return route along Brunette Ave. though Maillarville rather than the usual return route along United Boulevard. Several riders were most grateful we did not go over Dawes Hill Rd. (20%+) only 15km from the finish.

We received several suggestions that the riders felt could clarify, simplify comments on the route sheet and the control card. In most cases we agreed and both the route sheet and the control card have been changed accordingly.

This was seen to be a great training ride and we were asked to post it as a Permanent Route which we will do.

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June 18, 2014