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Dawn Fog over Marina Park

January Safari
Permanent #88 "Suburban Safari" Report, January 25, 2014
by Will Danicek

I have to stop believing the so called weather forecast - never saw 10 degrees but for maybe 10 minutes along Marine Drive, in White Rock. Started in the fog which built to an icy fog before riding the new South Fraser Perimeter Road. Nice wide shoulders, no concerns with trucks overtaking like on the old River Rd sections. Even Hole in the Sky Tsawwassen preferred to keep the sun obscured. I did have nice views of Mt Baker along Zero Ave before heading to the finish. And as I headed west, the fog returned for dusk. All in all, a good January permanent. I missed any rain, the roads 2 kms away from Ft Langley were soaked, I guess that was feeder for the fog.

Sumas Prairie in the sun - no wind

Dusk Fog over Glen Valley


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January 26, 2014