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11th Hour 200 - Organizer's Report
Mangled Putter Route - Ride date November 11, 2013
by Tracy Barill


--> 43 riders
--> 1 who registered but didn’t make the ride (but did sign at least one rider’s card at the Wreck Beach info control)
--> 8 who did not finish for a variety of reasons including significant mechanical mishaps, going significantly off route, not having an info control filled out, fatigue, illness, prior evening arrangements with finish time not matching up and a combination of the above
--> 5 volunteers (Janet Barill, Eric Fergusson, Bob Koen (also the route master), Gary Sparks and Ron Stewart)

Bob and I were more than a little surprised to have 41 riders on Monday morning – I was already surprised to have 24 people pre-register. The weather was much better than could be hoped for mid-November in southern BC. People did report 2-3 drops of rain felt through the day – we’re more than happy with their ability to count rain drops during the ride. Head wind out to Brackendale was significant. For those who left Brackendale early, a tailwind was noticeable - for others, not so much.

The controls supported by Janet Barill (before Horseshoe Bay – yes a secret control but more of a sustenance control) and Ron Stewart (with his spouse’s famous soup and his own cookies) were much appreciated by all. The finish control quickly moved in the same parking lot to the Rockford Grill (great food, beverages and service). Between Gary and Eric, arrival times were logged and people were welcomed to the Rockford to join others already finished. Thank you all – Ron, Gary, Bob, Eric, and Janet.

As a brevet coordinator, I was again inspired by every rider and each volunteer who spent Remembrance day together. Many stopped at 11 am to observe a moment of silence and reflection. I am certain that a Brevet is a means to create an epic experience that lasts a lifetime. Listening to the stories at the ride conclusion, I am reaffirmed that this is indeed true. I was particularly inspired by those who rode a 200k for the first time (there were several) and by those who took others under their wing through the day. As a volunteer, supporting the ride is also an epic experience.

Thank you all for coming out.

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November 13, 2013