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Photo: Michel Richard

Chilliwack Flatlander
Permanent #18, Chilliwack start, 203 km, October 14, 2013
Karen Smith

Started in 6 degrees at 7:42. Had a slight headwind to Pointa Vista. It was absolutely gorgeous! Especially when we rode into the sun that finally poked over the hill on the Sumas Prairie.
It was uneventful ride, just gorgeous with light traffic most of the morning. Traffic increased on 264th.
Had our usual great meal of mac & cheese with Mojos at Lee's Market in Ft Langley. Then bumped into fellow Randonneur Larry Voth out for a spin.
Heading back to the Wack, we went up 264th because we feared that 248th and 64th would be closed. We both struggled up!
Traffic was light again until Yellow Barn, then seemed crazy...
The temperature peaked at 17 degrees.
Did I say that it was gorgeous out? The fall colours were amazing!
We finished in 10:01. Just missed our goal of 10 hrs.

Another great day in the saddle!
Surely the best way to burn off the Thanksgiving quinoa & lentil loaf and pumpkin pie. And even better is that there were leftovers waiting for us when we got home!
: )


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October 14, 2013