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Birthday Permanents
Stuart Wood

Stuart was sending is some fast permanent times. Permanents coordinators Tracy and Bob were amazed. I was amazed. We needed to know what was going on. Stuart fills us in, below. [EF]

I thought I should try something to note the passing of my 65th birthday.
I initially had ideas of something like what Ken Bonner did for his 70th.
As I am still working full time I quickly realized that I was not going to get the necessary mileage base to cover 1600km in five days.
I then decided to ride 200km for each of five days and aim for an average of better than 25km/hour.
My first day Monday 17th was a beautifull sunny day and winds were light.
On my personnaly designed flat course this allowed me to have a good ride at 6hrs 40 minutes.
Tuesday was forecast to rain so I rode my touring bike and with the headwinds and heavy rain showers I struggled to a painful 7hrs 40 minutes.
Rain was forecast again but I decided to ride my faster bike without fenders.
The rain was constant and heavy also the winds were unfavourable.
I managed 7hours 25 minutes but decided with the forecast for more rain I would wimp out and take the day off.
I was glad I did as the rain was very heavy.
I spent the day cleaning my bike of the grime from the previous days ride
I decided to ride again today,Friday.
Setting off my legs wer stiff from taking a day off the bike.
However I soon found my pace and was rolling along nicely only to get a flat tire after only 10 km
I lost about 10 minutes and got back to work.
My momentum built as the day progressed and the winds stayed light
After the slowish first 50km my pace held well and I rode a very satisfying 6hrs 49 minutes.
I was very pleased with the pace I managed to maintain and although I must say I am not up to trying Ken's ultramarathon feats I feel I have proved to myself that there is still life in this senior citizen.

Best Regards
Stuart Wood

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June 22, 2013